Your Worst Office Holiday Party Disasters

Was this guy at your office's holiday party?Was this guy at your office's holiday party?No matter how large or small your company, most office holiday parties seem to have a few things in common: The guy who can't hold his liquor, the abusive and/or cheapskate boss, the pretty young thing who wears next to nothing, and a whole lot of awkward. We asked Yahoo! readers to share some of the worst things they've witnessed at their annual Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Festivus bash. Here's what they revealed:

Bosses behaving badly
"I loved the Christmas parties and loved my coworkers. Unfortunately, one year one of the big bosses got too tipsy. I had taken my mom with me because my BF got sick and the boss kept hitting on my mom in front of his wife and ended up grabbing my butt on the dance floor when my back was turned. Next day, I found out I wasn't the only one, and he had previously been banned from events for doing those things before." -- Stardust90710

Obviously inebriated
"I had to restrain an overly inebriated and overly excited long term temp co-worker as he tried to climb over the bar to flirt with the bartender -- after which he went all passive resistance like some protester while babbling incoherently. Three of us tried lead this shambling fool to the door and pour him into a cab. He was fired by the following Wednesday." -- T Wells

Male readers are writhing in pain as they read this
"A coworker got really drunk and ended up grabbing the store manager (really hard) somewhere inappropriate... Oh and he had just had a vasectomy. Poor guy hit the floor." -- Moi

Here's a present! Now, give it back.
"One time, I was a temp employee at an office job and got invited to the office Christmas party that took place during work hours. At one point "Santa" came in and went around the conference room handing out a goodie bag to everyone, including me. After the party ended, one of the managers came to me and told me I needed to give the gift bag back because I wasn't a permanent employee and temps weren't supposed to get them." -- Nicole

Even his wife and kids think he's a jerk
"Two years ago, I was working at a downtown Brooklyn law office. They held their annual holiday party at a bar in Park Slope. The firm's senior partner got filthy drunk and proceeded to berate his wife and two young children, with staff, other lawyers the firm did business with, and a few important clients present. That was bad, but the senior associate, who had been there longer than I had, told me the partner got drunk at the office holiday party EVERY YEAR, and that no one was surprised by his behavior... least of all his wife and kids, who left without him." -- Cara

Can't show their faces there again

"A member of upper management had far too much to drink at our Christmas party at the local country club. After dancing with anyone who would dance with him he wandered onto the snow covered golf course and urinated on the 10th tee in front of the security personnel who had noticed him and ran out to see what was going on. He was escorted off the premises (they had someone drive him home) and our company was banned from ever holding another party there. -- TLVGal

Where am I?
"Last year i showed up to the wrong party. It was funny. I was like, 'Who the hell are these people?" -- C. McClosky

We're all shook up
"Front office staff dressing like total ho's giving the Elvis impersonator a lap dance! Shudder..." -- D. Berry

So much for prim and proper
"My weirdest holiday party was at the first place I went to work for in Manhattan after living abroad for a long time. Talk about wild! The usually proper and gruff ex-marine VP was dancing disco on a table in the secretarial pool office (this was 1977, so no PCs only typewriters), and people were doing the horizontal or vertical everywhere from behind a storeroom to the filing room! No sexual harassment laws existed then and I doubt anyone cared. But during the rest of the year it was the most 'proper' establishment I ever worked at. The office was located in the then PAN AM building." -- L. Bowie

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