Top 5 cutest prom dress trends

Prom dress trends for 2012 are happily a far cry from the wedding-bell shaped, layered lace dresses that I remember from prom. Girls today are lucky to have so many cute choices. Celebrity-inspired, upscale dresses continue to be reign at prom, as do metallics. Babydoll, hi-lo dresses, watercolor floral prints, and formal ball gowns all vie for the crown of cutest prom dress trend for 2012.


The babydoll style prom dress is cute and flirty. The bottom of these dresses tend to have a lot of movement, thanks to the light layers on the bottom half of the dress. It's the ideal prom dress for the girl who wants to dance the night away without worrying about getting tangled up in a longer gown. Most of the hemlines land above the knees.

The 2012 babydoll prom dresses are designed with sweetheart necklines or as one-shoulder dresses, like the ones from Mac Duggal. The waistlines on these babydoll dresses let any prom girl pick the style that's right for her shape. Some feature high, wide waistbands in a solid color or with some bling. Others have more of a drop waist, with hip-hugging shapes or layered fringe or chiffon. Accessorize the babydoll prom dress with a large hair bow and some strappy sandals in a bold color.

Hi-Lo Dresses

Prom girls who want to show some leg but maintain some modesty and sophistication can wear the hi-lo prom dress. These dresses have a short front skirt, with hemlines from below the knee to above the knee. The sides and back are longer. The hi-lo dress makes a bold statement, and gives the prom girl some freedom to move. Some even have detachable skirts, for two looks in one.


Purple continues to be a popular prom dress choice. The color is bold, but not as brazen as red. For 2012 there are prom dresses in deep blueprint, almost black purple. There's something almost princess-like about a purple prom dress, but in "I've outgrown pink" sort of way.

Ball Gowns

The ball gown can be a cute option for any prom girl in love with the Sweet 16 look. Ball gowns are elegant, sweet, and attention-grabbing. They're also parent-approved because they are age-appropriate and more on the modest side.

Watercolor Floral prints

For the prom girl who can't decide on one color or does not want to get lost in a sea of metallics, purples and whites, the watercolor floral print is a cute choice. These dresses tend to be white, long and flowing, with either a bold multi-colored design or a soft watercolor print splashed onto the fabric.


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