Top 5 hairstyle don'ts

Amongst the hairdo tutorials and braid how to's there needs to be a definitive top five hairstyle don'ts that the fashion faithful follow. We've all seen looks that don't exactly work; a gorgeous, designer dress, stunning shoes but what about that hair! If you apply these "must-not" rules to your hair wardrobe you'll never go wrong. With a disrespectful nod to the hairstyles I didn't choose, I'm pulling wig off the top five don'ts.

Picking the wrong bangs: Chopped bangs, slanted bangs, long bangs--I love bangs! However, picking the right bang look is crucial. Matching fringed bangs with a large forehead makes you look like Frankenstein! Pairing long bangs with a short forehead gives you a "sheepdog" effect. Talk to your stylist about which kinds of bangs would look best with our hair texture and face shape.

Wearing oversized hair accessories: Ultra big bows were for the 80's please leave them there. Also, large barrettes and wide headbands can be a bit much too. Unless you're walking a runway, leave the big hair showpieces behind. The exception to this hairstyle don't is wearing a fascinator. These fab modern "hats" are great for certain formal occasions.

Choosing the wrong hair color: You should never, ever copy a friend's hair color just because you liked it. If she's got cool skin tones and you've got warm skin tones it won't work. If you've decided to go darker with your hair color, avoid going black. That extreme choice is almost always the wrong hairstyle decision!

Don't combine textures: I have days where I just can't make up my mind about what to wear but that shouldn't be the case with your hair. Don't crimp or curl half then leave the rest straight. Make a commitment and choose one hair texture per look. Otherwise, your hair looks schizophrenic.

Sporting the wrong ponytail: I absolutely love a ponytail; it is so handy and pretty! But not all ponytails are alike. The placement of the ponytail matters, so does the finish. A messy ponytail might look sexy for a romp with Mr. Right but not for an interview. Low ponytails worn smooth and chic are the right choice for a formal occasion. Centered ponytails like great for work or a workout. However, you can wear a centered ponytail for a formal event if you wrap the band with your own hair and you keep the hair smooth.

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