How To Pack EVERYTHING You Need Into a Carry-On

By Susan Krivelow, Staff

Whether I'm traveling for one day or 10, I seem to pack my suitcase to the near zipper-ripping point! I have to fight with myself not to pack my entire closet. What if I need that sweater? What if I pack for spring and we get a freak snowstorm? What if I take a skirt and everyone else is wearing pants? Better to be safe than sorry.... well, not in this day and age when the airlines charge you a bundle for your bundles! They're even cracking down on carry-ons. On a recent trip, I had to put my carry-on in a measuring module to make sure it wasn't over the limit. Luckily, I made it fit by giving it a little (okay a pretty big) shove.


So, what's the secret to making sure you have what you need and only what you need? I asked Stylist Leigh Heffron who admits she used to be a COP, as well. She's not talking fashion police, here. She's talking:


But she broke the cycle and so can you. The secret: NEUTRALS that aren't boring. Here are a few of Leigh's top tips to avoid over-packing that carry-on.

Start with a neutral traveling ensemble that will work for you the entire trip.

A great pair of dark jeans, a black lightweight sweater that you can layer with a tank top or camisole and a pair of neutral shoes, which doesn't mean dull. On top, try a light trench coat and a classic scarf. Whether it's 70 or 40 degrees outside you'll be comfortable. Of course, if it's a business trip you can substitute a classic pair of black pants or a skirt if need be.


Shoes and accessories take up a lot of valuable space, especially in a carry-on. For tips on a list of essentials, plus more on why leopard print may just help you pack the perfect bag, click here.

YOU ASKED...WE ANSWER. Readers are asking about how to pack in all those beauty products. What should you take? What can you do without? Click here!

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