What's Your Sun Sign's Approach to Travel?

Escaping your daily routine, chasing down exciting adventures, exploring foreign cultures -- that's what travel is all about. Every astrological sign has a unique way of getting away. An Aries, for example, jet-sets with the best of them, and Virgo can pack a bag with more grace and efficiency than any other sign. Discover your own sign's approach to travel.

Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, and this is certainly true where travel is concerned. Always on the go and seeking action, the Ram is a moving target. Those born under the first sign of the zodiac want to learn a little about a lot -- knowing who built those pyramids in Giza and when it happened is useful information, but the reasons for their existence can be saved for someone else. Aries is happy to travel alone, in which case they'll seek out some company along the way, even if only for a meal or a night. The stimulation of new people and new places is what the Ram craves when traveling -- and the more active the journey, the better.

Slow and steady sums up Taurus on the road. The Bull is a careful planner, knowing full well what makes a successful trip. Taking a trip is no small task for these folks, which means they wouldn't think twice about spending a year planning the perfect excursion, poring over stacks of maps and travel books to draw up their dream itinerary. That said, pampered (and pampering) Taureans are likely to set an agenda rife with sensual pleasures -- top hotels, great meals and nights on new towns are all to be expected. For these folks, the trip will be everything they want when they finally get there!

Weekend getaways were clearly designed with a Gemini in mind. Not fans of long, drawn-out excursions, the Twins much prefer to hop into the car, get to where they're going -- fast -- and sightsee like crazy once they've arrived. Intellectually curious Gemini is always eager to learn from their travels, and one of their favorite ways to do this is by talking with locals. The Twins enjoy having a traveling companion, if only to have someone to talk to. And will there be much in Gemini's travel bag? Unlikely, since they'll pack as lightly as Air, the element that rules their sign. Gemini is also street-smart and possessed of good common sense, an ideal combination for the intrepid traveler.

Armchair travel may have been invented for the Crab, the better to stay safe and warm in their trusty shells. Not the most adventurous members of the zodiac, those born under this sign are happy to stay at home ... or at least close to home. And you can bet they won't go alone -- the whole family comes along when Cancer travels, providing the emotional security these folks seek. It's very possible the entire clan will crowd into a roomy RV and hit the road, and this home away from home will feature favorite pillows, blankets and foods. They're not likely to spend a lot of money on a trip, either, as the Crab knows the value of a buck.

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Those born under this sign know how to travel in style, so when Lions they hit the road, it's first-class all the way! And while Leos are possessed of considerable physical strength and stamina, they'd much rather have a car and driver take them from one splendid sight to the next. Organized and creative as they are, Leos love to set the agenda when traveling, and it'll surely be a good one. They'll also travel with a few friends in tow, because after all, royalty needs its court. They won't dawdle over any one part of the journey, either -- a quick peek at the Mona Lisa is fine, just enough to tell the folks back home about it.

Virgo is highly organized and loves a routine, even when traveling. Better yet, call it a rhythm, for hitting the road with these folks will be a delicious mix of sightseeing, knowledge-gathering and good fun. And heaven help anyone who upsets this apple cart, for Virgos plan their trips meticulously and well in advance. These folks want to experience as many things as possible and will try to fit it all in, the better to get their money's worth. Although they enjoy traveling with a partner, Virgos are also perfectly happy to hit the road alone. Whatever the case, you can bet it will be a sensible journey.

Taking the focus off themselves and aiming it at others is what Libra is all about, and this certainly applies when they're on the road. Those born under this sign are loath to travel alone, much preferring the company of another, especially their partner. Libras seek harmony and balance when traveling, always working to avoid conflict at all costs. And speaking of cost, an excursion with the Scales will cost a pretty penny! Librans simply adore luxury, so five-star hotels and fine food and wine are only the beginning. Someone best have deep pockets or plenty of plastic to finance this journey!

Scorpio is that mysterious stranger on the train, and for them, travel is yet another one of life's seductive charms. Those born under this sign are truly go-anywhere, do-anything kind of folk, and the steamier, the better -- anywhere that's less than pretty, but where interesting lessons can be learned is fair game. Luckily for them, these folks are plenty resourceful and will always have the means (whether by money or smarts) to get what they want. Scorpios will internalize much from their travels and are likely to return a different person; they want their experiences to be utterly complete. In the end, that's really what the traveling Scorpio is all about: the experience.

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As the sign of travel, Sagittarius loves nothing more than hitting the road in search of knowledge and adventure. The Archer needs to experience things first-hand in order to have a good time. Philosophers that they are, Sagittarians crave a journey of exploration and discovery. You'll never find these folks at Disneyland! Solo travel also suits these pioneers of the zodiac -- a good thing, since it would be pretty hard for others to keep up with them. Travel and new experiences are very important to these folks, and their sociable natures dictate they should have fun while they're at it. Imagine the young lad with a knapsack on his back, leaving home in search of wide-eyed adventure ... that's a Sag.

Traveling in style is what Capricorns are all about ... if you can get them on the road. These are the worker bees of the zodiac, mainly interested in making money and building an empire. If and when they do take a trip, though, Capricorns are highly organized -- and rest assured, it will also be first-class all the way. Caps are also fond of traveling in a group and won't shy away from leading the troops, or at least managing the finances. These folks are happy to shoulder the worries for the group, so they make excellent travel companions. No, there won't be any wild adventures on the horizon with a Cap, but a good time will still be had!

If you hit the road with an Aquarius, you'll be traveling with the trailblazer of the zodiac. Those born under this sign are nothing if not different; they're willing to go anywhere, anytime, with anyone, for most any reason. Aquarius is also a sociable creature, quick to make friends and eager to share their worldview. One thing the Water Bearer doesn't want to handle is the small details -- these folks paint in broad brushstrokes, so it's best to leave the train schedules to someone else. As an Air sign, Aquarius craves mental stimulation, so these nomads need many and varied experiences while on the road. And being visionaries, they're also fascinated with new technologies, so there's bound to be a cool gadget or two in their bag.

Emblematic of their Water sign, Pisces tends to go with the flow when traveling, never making waves. Consequently, there must be someone else leading the way, or else the Fish will never get there! These are the dreamers of the zodiac, preferring to indulge their fantasies (and secrets) in an unconscious state. When they do awaken, their focus is on how they can be of service to others. The Fish see no need to set an agenda while on the road, preferring to leave practical matters and budgetary concerns to their traveling companions. Finally, these folks love to be near water -- would Fish crave anything else? This makes them a natural for swimming, diving or sailboat excursions, with the latter ideally suited to their penchant for daydreaming.

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