Tuscan Interior Design Color Palette Ideas

Warm shades of red, yellow, green, and brown: These are all natural earth tones that represent the true Tuscan color. The colors of Tuscany will welcome you home with a cozy feeling each and every day. You have several color palette choices to use throughout your home; choose a palette of three to five colors before you begin to decorate. You have the option of using burgundy, olive green, warm brown and yellow gold throughout your home, or you can try pale gold, sage green, a rust red, and cream--or come up with your own palette of rich, warm colors. Here, I will share with you another Tuscan Interior Design color palette idea.

Pewter: Pewter typically looks like a tarnished silvery color. It can be very pretty and rustic-looking, if used in the right setting. It would look great in a Tuscan style home. Choose hardware and fixtures in a pewter color for your house, from the cabinet pulls to light fixtures.

Bronze: This is another great choice for decorating a Tuscany-inspired home. It is a warm, almost-brown tone. You can use it either as a paint color or as a hardware finish. Mix your pewter fixtures with some bronze hardware, or vice versa. Not everything has to match in a Tuscan style interior.

Red: Red is a popular choice in Tuscan homes, as it is bold, yet evokes a warm feel. You can add a pop of red in your furniture, or as an accent wall surrounding a fireplace or other architectural feature. Keep your use of red in check, though, or you may be at risk for overwhelming your visitors.

Sienna: This color is in the red family, but with a more subdued, orange-y undertone. It is a great choice for your Tuscan style house, although you might need to be careful not to mix it with brighter reds that have bluish undertones. It can look great in a dining area, or in an outdoor patio, but beware--this reddish-orange might make you feel hungry.

Basalt: This is a dark color, almost black, with warmer undertones. How about some basalt appliances? Or you can either stain or paint your kitchen cabinets in a basalt hue. Dark cabinets look great in a Tuscan kitchen. If you are not bold enough for near-black cabinets, try it in a smaller scale with the end tables or nightstands.

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