3 Essential steps to weight loss

Got a yellow sticky note? Grab it (and a pen) and write down these three words:

  • Commitment
  • Consistency, and
  • Convenience.
Then stick it in a place you see every day, multiple times a day (bathroom mirror, computer, the fridge, next to your dinner plate). I love their simplicity-and because when it comes to losing weight and getting into shape, there's no aspect of it they don't cover. Here's how to use these words of weight loss wisdom to stay motivated, stay enthusiastic, and stay strong even when you feel hungry, tired, or just plain sick of your cardio playlist:

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Commitment: Half of the battle with weight loss is mental-it's you against your mind. That is why it's so important to spend time really thinking about your motives and goals, and where you see yourself in a year. Research shows that keeping goals small-losing just 10% of your body weight, for example-means you're much more likely to meet them.

Consistency: This is what makes this program so doable: It's easy to follow and tells you exactly what to do, every day, which is essential to the stay-consistent mindset. One thing I always talk about (but which can't really be said enough) is that to stick with a routine, you have to make it a priority. If getting a workout in is conditional on work, kids, friends, stress, the weather, the stock market, there's a good chance you'll skip it. Lump it into the category of daily necessities-you rarely miss a meal; try to view your workout the same way.

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Convenience: Now, for any of the advice above to work at all, you have to make your routine totally, completely convenient to your lifestyle. That can mean a lot of things: the time of day (am works for some, not for me because I get to work early). The length of a workout (don't have 40 minutes? Do 20 and skip the shower unless you're unpleasantly sweaty); the location (invest in a treadmill if the gym is far or jump rope and do sit-ups and push-ups in your basement). Point is, streamline the process as much as possible and don't make promises to yourself you know you can't keep. Only movie stars have 3 hours daily to devote to a workout. You don't-so do what you can, just do it on most days.

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