One of the things that makes this plan work so well, so fast is weight training. It's soooo essential to weight loss because it boosts your metabolism, builds lean muscle that not only looks great but helps you power through everything you do, so you burn more calories just living. Here are a few tips to make sure you're getting the most out of every lunge, pushup and curl:

Follow the "6-second rule": When our pros designed this workout they combed through the research and found what may be a magic number when it comes to maximizing your resistance training: with every move take 2 counts to lift, 4 counts to lower. The slower lowering phase is called "eccentric" and it helps you get results faster because you're working your muscles harder.

Use controlled movements: If you follow the 6-second rule you'll do this automatically, but using slow, controlled movements is key to preventing one of the biggest "cheats" in weigh training: letting momentum do the work for you. Keep this in mind when you do any move, especially if you're using your body weight (like a push up or sit-up).

Speed shrink your trouble zones.

Embrace the "afterburn" affect: When you do a strength-training workout, your body burns calories for up to 2 hour after a workout, on TOP of the calories you scorched during your actual workout (and just going about your business). Think of it as a bonus benefit you didn't know you were getting-and the more intense your workout the more post-exercise calories you'll burn. HIGHLY motivating.

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