Unexpected ways to use a turkey baster

The many uses of a turkey baster!

A turkey baster is one of those kitchen tools that don't only have to come out of its hiding place once a year for the turkey; you can use it for many other things. You can use it to help around the house watering your plants, or to help you clean up an egg mess in the kitchen. When you find out all of the things you can do with this nifty little gadget, you will always want to have an extra one around the house.

For perfect pancakes

I get a lot of use out of my turkey baster while making pancakes for breakfast. Instead of pouring the pancake batter into the pan straight from the mixing bowl and making a huge mess in the process, I suck up some of the batter into my turkey baster and transfer it into the pan that way.

Not only is it less messy, it measures out the perfect amount of batter. No more guessing how much to pour, it's already pre-measured in the baster. Since I have more control over the batter, I can make cute little pancake bears and hearts for my son. He loves it when it's pancake time in the morning.

For cleaning up egg messes

Dropping an egg on the kitchen floor is pretty messy to clean up if you try to wipe it up with a paper towel or dish towel. What usually happens is that you end up making more of a mess because you're just smearing it around instead of wiping it up.

Use a turkey baster to suck up the egg mess, just pick up the eggshells first. When you have the egg in the turkey baster, just dispose of it in the garbage can or down the garbage disposal. It's quick and easy and I'm all about quick and easy.

For watering high hanging plants

I was visiting my friend one day and she said she needed to water her plants. I was expecting her to go get her step stool because she has her plants hanging high and they are hard to reach. Imagine my reaction when she came walking in with a turkey baster.

Suck up some water from your watering can into the baster and use it to reach the high hanging plants. This saves you from the tedious work of climbing the step stool and it's a lot safer too. I never have to use my step stool again to water my high hanging plants.

Next time you make a trip to the store to get a turkey baster for cooking your turkey, be sure to grab a few extra to help out around the house. You will be calling it the "everything baster" after trying out some of these great ideas.

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