Unique ways to decorate your home with wallpaper

Unlike its name, wallpaper can decorate much more than your walls. You can frame old wallpaper swatches to create beautiful art. You can wallpaper the recesses in old cabinets to give them a fresh, elegant look. You can even wallpaper door panels. Here are some unique ways to decorate your home with wallpaper for added glamor on a budget.

Wallpaper Book Jackets

Why not glue wallpaper over your book jackets and give your messy bookshelf a stunning makeover? You can use the same wallpaper for all your books, or use two or three different wallpapers and mix them together. This is especially beautiful if you use two patterned wallpapers and one plain.

Wallpaper Boxes

Take old cardboard boxes and wallpaper them inside and out to create stunning storage units for your home. You can store toys, shoes, books, office supplies, you name it! No home is short on storage needs, and wallpapered boxes offer you a cheap solution.

Wallpaper Art

Every year, wallpaper companies issue new wallpaper books to decorating stores. Why not visit these stores and ask them for these old books, since they don't need them anymore. You can then buy craft store frames, paint them to match your wallpaper swatches, and frame the wallpaper rectangles to create magical art.

Wallpaper Doors

There's three ways to use wallpaper to decorate your doors. In a paneled door you can cut wallpaper rectangles to highlight the panels. Or you can cut wallpaper to fit in the recesses around the panels. And if you have an old door without panels, why not build panels for it? Then you can add wallpaper inside your home-made panels.

Wallpaper Furniture

Wallpapering square or rectangle furniture, such as old chests, tables or nightstands, is the perfect way to give them an elegant makeover. Choose classical style wallpaper with patterns of flowers, Fleur-de-lis or Damask. When you're done wallpapering, glue self-adhesive ribbon over the corner seams, or use two-sided tape to glue an ordinary silk ribbon.

Wallpaper Shelves

Turn cheap shelving into elegant decor by wallpapering them in patterns or vibrant colors. You can also wallpaper the recesses in the back of old bookcases, or wallpaper the shelves themselves to give the bookcase a more whimsical, vibrant feel.

Wallpaper Mirror Frames

Create your own mirror frames from 5.5-inch wood. First cut the corners of the wood at 45 degree angles to create a frame. Then glue the frame pieces together before you wallpaper the frame in an elegant pattern. Finally glue the wallpapered frame over a plain mirror. This elegant mirror will look beautiful in your entryway, living room or dining room.

Matching Wall Decor

If you decide to wallpaper your dining room above your elegant chair-rail molding, why not paint the molding to match the wallpaper? Using a thin brush, paint highlight lines along the profiles of the molding in a color that matches the wallpaper, such as periwinkle blue to match classical floral wallpaper.

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