5 V-Day Dates That'll Will Make Him Love You More

Suggest one of these dates and we promise he won't say, "Nah, I'd rather just take a long walk on the beach and talk about my feelings."

1) The Date: Score Tickets to See a Basketball Game

Why He'll Love It: Whether it's a pro team or his high school alma mater, watching a fast-paced game of hoops will get his adrenaline pumping. Find out about more sporty dates so you can flirt and burn calories at the same time!

What to Wear: Leave the jerseys for the players to wear and sport a sexier outfit in the team's colors.

2) The Date: Head to a Shooting Range

Why He'll Love It: Even though he's just shooting a paper target, your guy will be totally turned on by the feeling that he could, in theory, kill and cook his own dinner. Here's why this hand-on date will make him fall for you.

What to Wear: Pair a chic flannel shirt with your boots and jeans, but leave a few of the top buttons undone to keep him from spending too much time staring at the bull's-eye.

3) The Date: Go to a Beer and Cheese Tasting

Why He'll Love It: There will be beer. Enough said. If this is your first date, make sure you rock it with these sexy tips.

What to Wear: Lace leggings and knit minidress with booties is sexy but not over the top. Need inspiration? Check out these fun and flirty dresses.

4) The Date: Take Him to See The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Why He'll Love It: This flick has a legendary cult following of fans who dress up in costume to watch the movie at midnight. He'll brag to his friends that seeing the movie was your idea, and you'll earn a license to take him to see as many rom-coms as you want for the rest of the month. If you like this idea, you'll want to break these boring V-Day rules too.

What to Wear: From the sexy costume you wore last Halloween to an all-black outfit with above-the-knee boots, anything (and everything) goes.

5) The Date: Go to a National Park

Why He'll Love It: Taking a break from the distractions of the city will be refreshing for both of you and he'll get to show you how he earned his fire-building badge. Strapped for cash? Find out how to have fun with him for free.

What to Wear: Hiking boots, bright-colored cords, and a sexy cami underneath a sweater so you can easily strip down when the fire heats up.

Get even more guy-friendly date ideas! And tell us about your guy's favorite way to spend time together.

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