Valentine's Day For Busy People

By Marianne Mancusi Beach,

You're on the go--working so hard you barely have time to breathe--let alone plan a perfect Valentine's Day. Five course home-cooked dinner? Yeah, right! After you get out of work and hit the grocery store--you won't end up eating course number one 'til after midnight. Or maybe you're on the road--and won't even get a chance to see your sweetie on the big day.

So what's a girl with lots of love but little time to do --when it comes to Valentine's Day? Well, never fear--we've got some ideas from an expert and some from you!

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First up party planners Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali of and authors of Plan to Party have some great tips for a fun-filled, but non-time consuming V-Day.

1. A tasting menu is much more simple than a full blown five course meal. Try a fruit and cheese plate, warm bread, and soup. It's quick and easy to prepare and sensual to eat!

2. Open a box of chocolates and sip Cabernet together! The combo is good for your heart - it's romantic food and a great flavonoid fix!

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3. Create a hot spot at home. Put a blanket by the fire or if you don't have a fireplace, light lots of candles in a cozy corner and enjoy your meal away from the table.

4. Pick up roses at the supermarket and then sprinkle petals around your hot spot. One rose will go a long way... high impact for lots less.

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5. If you are traveling and won't be with your loved one for Valentine's Day, don't just send a card, send a love letter in music. Create a music mix on iTunes, using iMix and email it to your partner. They can listen to it all year - trust me this has big impact!

Some great suggestions, Dawn! And our Facebook friends had a few more!

Destiny suggests take-out and a movie. Romantic, low-key, and budget friendly! "We get quality time together, no muss, no fuss, and we don't fight the hordes of people with reservations. We also gift each other something we really want, but is reasonable, like a book or a movie. We're not big V-Day people, but this makes it a little "more" than a regular day."

For those who work late-- Kevin advises an early meal. After all, who says Valentine's Day has to always involve dinner? "It's all about the breakfast," he says. "Starts the whole day right."

And speaking of early risers, Valerie has another idea. "You could draw hearts and write a sweet note on the mirror for when he wakes up in the morning," she says.

But if you're hankering for an evening meal, Brittany says to forget fancy restaurant reservations--and try something quirky and fun with White Castle's special Valentine's Day Dinner service. Yes, there's candlelight and table service and the mini-burgers you love!

So no matter what your schedule--or your budget--this year, you can still celebrate your love for one another on that special day.

What are your tips to pull off a quick, easy-- but SPECIAL Valentine's Day? Leave us a comment!

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