Victoria's Secret Models on the Easiest Valentine Shopping Ever

We spoke to Victoria Secret models for reassuring advice from four of the most beautiful women we know. Because if chocolate and one-size-fits-all lingerie are good enough for them, it's good enough for any woman. Here's one piece of advice from each woman, and head to for even more tips and tricks.

Behati Prinsloo:
"It's always a tough thing for a guy because there's a lot of expectation. I don't think women even really realize how stressful it is sometimes. For me, I love simple flowers or anything thoughtful. You don't have to go all-out and go crazy with lingerie if you don't want to. It depends on your girl, you know? If she's into that naughty stuff, go do that, because she would expect it."

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Marisa Miller: "Hell, no! A lot of people say they are, but I'm never going to not like flowers, but any time your guy puts in some thought and does something sweet for you, that's gonna go a long way."

Alessandra Ambrosio: "If you want to give her lingerie, you can always go for the one-size-fits-all lace collection. It's perfect because you already know if she's small, medium, or large - then it basically fits anybody. It's sexy and fun at the same time - not super provocative, but flirty enough to just complement the rest of the evening."

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Doutzen Kroes:
"It's okay: Guys aren't supposed to know about sizes! We know you get embarrassed, so you can just buy her a gift card. You can even have her friend come in and get it for you if you're really embarrassed. The people who work at Victoria's Secret are actually really helpful, but I think a gift card is a really great, underrated idea."

What are your tips for buying gifts this Valentines Day? If you need more advice, our favorite models offer even more tips here.

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