In honor of Veterans' Day, Yahoo! Shine went to the White House for an exclusive interview with First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Shine readers wanted to know how Mrs. Obama would react if her daugh…

  • When we asked Yahoo! and Yahoo! Shine readers to submit questions for us to ask First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, one of the things many readers wanted to know was this: Why have military families become such a priority for this administration?

    "I'm not from a military family," Mrs. Obama said candidly. "but I had the opportunity to meet many spouses over the course of the campaign, and truly their stories will take your breath away."

    "When you think about the struggles that the average working spouse has, holding down a job, and dealing with daycare, handling sickness, worrying about school and graduation and college for your kids," she continued, "when you take that and you multiply that by five, six, seven deployments, where a loved one is in harm’s way, or you multiply that by nine or 10 schools that a child has had to attend, because that’s the average number of schools that a military child will go through in the course of their educational experience… all of that just

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  • The Marine Corps War Memorial

    The Marine Corps War Memorial

    Any child of a military man or woman can probably relate to the many tidbits of wisdom my father passed down to me over the years. Having served two voluntary tours in Vietnam, Dad was chock full of wisdom and stories from years of being shot at and sleeping with his head in the dirt. Although many non-military children are taught a lot of these same values, my father was privy to experiences that are simply impossible to come by unless you've been on the front lines of a war or combat situation.

    In honor of the Marine Corps Birthday (Nov. 10) and Veterans Day (Nov. 11), here are some of the basics of Military Family Boot Camp, which I participated in from the day I was born.

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    1. Loyalty. From the day he joined to the day he died, my father was a U.S. Marine, even though he was honorably discharged in 1970. If the rest of us showed this kind of staying power with our friends and careers, imagine what we could accomplish

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  • A recent project at my daughter's school made me wonder, "Are parents not making the grade when it comes to teaching our children about Veterans Day?"

    So I decided to ask a veteran what they wished parents would teach their children about Veterans Day.

    "I'm surprised by how many children can't really give an explanation for why we celebrate Veterans Day. I think it's important that kids (and adults) understand that it's not just another excuse to have a day off school or work. It is a day set aside to remember and give thanks to all the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country every day. In fact, a lot of the same military members the holiday was established to honor are not relaxing for the day. They're still out there working and fighting to keep America free." - Jo, Ormond Beach, Fla. (U.S.A.F. veteran served for 7 years)

    "I wish parents would teach their kids the reason that we have a Veterans Day, and not just see it as a day off work. If not for the Ar

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  • Veterans Day honors men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Families can honor veterans as well as active duty military members year round, not just on Veterans Day. Children and grandchildren of veterans have an instant connection to the holiday. Families with military members don't just honor veterans on the designated Nov. 11 holiday, they celebrate them year round, and you can, too.

    Create a family tree - Create a family tree with names and photos, identifying all of the veterans in the family. This informative family history project can reveal interesting and sometimes little known stories in your family's past.

    Interview your family's veterans

    - Use holidays and family gatherings to informally interview the veterans in your family. Kids can use a voice recorder or video camera to preserve the memory.

    Write a friendly and positive letter - Address your letter "Dear Hero" or "Dear Defender of Freedom" in an unsealed envelope. Send that inside a larger envelope to:

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  • The mere mention of Veterans Day conjures up images of war-worn soldiers ready to give their lives for ours - but there are other veterans who go unnoticed. My husband is one of those veterans. He didn't serve in war, but he served his country in another way.

    I didn't lie awake at night wondering if he would ever return. My children didn't fear that he was gone forever. We didn't live the horror that only a family with a member off to war can understand. To say we didn't sacrifice would be untrue. We suffered the same empty place at the table, the same lonely nights, and the same sense of uncertainty that others suffered. No one seemed to notice, because he wasn't off to war.

    It didn't occur to me then - as it likely hasn't occurred to you now - that the demons the soldier who remains at home faces are of a different sort. It doesn't occur to us, in part because most of us are woefully ignorant of the true ravages of war, and in part, because their lives were not in danger.

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