Amee Cantagallo: Women Who Shine Entrepreneur

Amee CantagalloAmee Cantagallo

Women Who Shine's top entrepreneur is Amee Cantagallo, 38, owner of Madam Deals an online discount shopping and coupon website.

Hometown: Palmyra, Virginia

Hero: Wonder woman. It takes a super hero to be a mom, wife, and business owner. I feel like I save the world everyday.

Inspiration: I am inspired by the educators of America. It is our teachers who create every job.

Goal: I try be a better person each day. I also want to teach people how to save more in order to have money for their dreams. I try to inspire others to pay it forward by being an example in my business network, community, and home.

Dream: I hope to teach my children to be an independent people who believe in themselves. I hope to inspire others to appreciate their strengths and accept their faults.

Congratulations, Amee!