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Fashion Necessities for Travel to London


Written by Kelly Herdrich

Are you packing your bag for London? Whether you're heading in from California, Maryland, or Australia, you'll probably be concerned about how the change in climate will dictate your wardrobe selection. You should be. London travelers should keep fashion, weather, and practicality in mind when packing for a trip.

Skinny Jeans/Jeggings/Leggings

Skinny jeans, jeggings, and leggings are must-have attire for the London scene, so you won 't want to leave them out of your bag when traveling to the UK. If you opt for jeans for a casual day of sightseeing, don't feel constrained by traditional wash. Light, dark, or even stone wash or black skin-tight jeans can help set you apart when you pair them with the right shirt (long and flowing) and shoes (ballet flats or tall boots). If you decide to wear leggings, consider a long sweater dress, tunic, or even a miniskirt to help set it apart from the crowd.

Long, Wrapped Scarf

A long scarf (knitted or otherwise) is a popular choice for women in the London fashion scene. Not traveling to London in the winter? Don't be fooled into thinking that there's only a place for this fashion accessory on a cold London day (of which there, truthfully, are many). Pair it with an oversized pant and a tight fitting blouse for a more business-like look, or if you're heading to a tennis match, for instance, pair it with tailored khaki shorts and a fitted tank top or a short-sleeved blouse. Be sure to add oversized sunglasses for a little something extra.

Heels/Ballet Flats/Boots

The fact is, it won't matter which outfit you choose as long as you decide to leave the trainers (sneakers) at home. Unless you're out for a jog, you simply won't see tennis shoes in London very often. You can add plenty of extra flair by bringing along the big dogs-at least on your feet. Bring a pair of stilettos, ballet flats, and a comfortable boot for walking about. You'll be glad you did.

Trench Coat

A short and stylish trench coat is a perfect choice for dealing with the London weather in the evenings or on a drizzling day. Choose from black, navy, or khaki-colored. Opt for one that sits right below your bottom and is semi-fitted. The belt is optional. Not only fashionable, this London fashion necessity will come in handy on your travels.

Don't be intimidated by packing for a trip to London, but do take your time and pack for both the weather and the fashion-scene.

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