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Music: Where to Buy Concert Tickets in the UK


Written by Jo Hales

You're traveling to the United Kingdom and you are desperate to see some sweaty men banging away on keyboards and drums. You don't have to explain it to me; I love Coldplay too. By now you might be getting to the logical part of your daydream: How will you purchase concert tickets for a show in the UK when you don't live there?

Buying tickets for a concert in the UK is pretty much like buying concert tickets in the United States. The first decision you need to make is whether you'd like to purchase the tickets before your trip, or when you arrive. If you're going to purchase in advance, the main issues you need to be aware of are currency conversion and ticket delivery options. Whether you decide to purchase in advance, or within the UK, here are some tips to ensure you're singing along to "Yellow" in the front row at a Coldplay concert and not standing outside the gate.

Ticket Purchases Online
For big names like Madonna, or U2, buy in advance and buy from a reputable company. Ticketmaster has outlets all over the world, including the UK, so get online and get going. Ticketmaster also has venues where you can purchase tickets in-person throughout the UK. Another large ticket outlet is viagogo - a ticket exchange website similar to StubHub. Remember the price listed is in pounds, not dollars.

Last-Minute Deals
Unlike plays, concerts don't usually have last-minute deals. If you're attending a smaller show and are willing to risk it, buy your ticket the day-of the show. The shows I've attended in England were all purchased at the door. This method is hit or miss, and obviously depends on the popularity of the band.

If you are too nervous to buy the day of, you can try buying your ticket at the venue box office a few days prior. This usually eliminates some service fees. I've also found that paying with cash can eliminate some fees.

If you're staying at a hotel, ask the concierge to book your tickets. Sometimes ticket prices are more expensive through them, but at times, they can also get better seats than are advertised to the general public.

Ticket Delivery
This is very important. All shows are different. Some allow you to pick up your tickets at will call, while others allow you to print your tickets at home. Sometimes, neither of these options are offered and you end up paying a hefting shipping fee to have the tickets sent through snail mail.

Nearly every ticket I've bought online, I've had the option to print at home or pick up at will call, but again, each concert is different, so just be sure to take note of your options.

The most important thing, however, once you have your tickets in hand, is to to sing loud, dance, and enjoy the show - and your vacation!

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