10 Tricks to Help You Get Motivated and Hit the Gym

Bring a buddy to the gym with you.Bring a buddy to the gym with you.Feeling lazy or down? We've all been there! For the days when dragging yourself out of bed and into the gym seems impossible, we've got simple tricks and tips from some of our favorite fitness gurus that will help to make it a little bit less painful:

1. Bring a buddy: Get accountability partners. Your journey to fitness is a lot more fun and fulfilling when you have others to take the journey with. I have awesome people urging me on.

-Gilbert Gatchalian, Beachbody coach

2. Consider the aftermath: Don't think about whether or not you feeling like going to the gym right now. Just think about how darn good you're going to feel afterwards, and get moving to the gym now. Don't cheat yourself out of feeling incredible or looking good. Feelings are temporary. Once you get going, you'll feel so much better.

-Michelle L. Butler, holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor

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3. Keep it real: Begin with small, achievable, realistic goals. Your confidence will get a huge boost, and confidence is a key ingredient in behavior change and forming new habits.

-Ashley Karr,wellness coach

4. Find a reason: The easiest way to get motivated to go to the gym is by finding something worth training for. Whether it's to fit into a wedding dress, improve your time in a race, or lower your cholesterol, having that end goal in mind will really help.

-Pat Gilles, personal trainer and owner of Pat's Gym

5. Create a killer workout playlist: Listen to your favorite music to get you pumped and ready to work out... Lady Gaga anyone?!

-Dr. Ray DiBartolomeo, chiropractor at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu

6. Get a little competitive: Knowing that you're kicking butt when others are slacking will motivate you. When you go out, people will ask why you have that glow.

-Sarah Stanley, ultra-runner, speaker, and cyclist

7. Hire a personal trainer: Hire a personal trainer at least until you're in the rhythm of going to the gym. Make sure, however, that your trainer is qualified. I would recommend hiring an individual with a degree in Exercise Science, Motor Learning, Applied Physiology, or Personal Training and a national certification from NSCA or ACSM. There are a lot of these trainers, and if you don't want to go to a gym, search for a trainer with these qualifications to train you at home. Any personal trainer you hire should provide you with an assessment and a written exercise program.

-Angela Corcoran, director of education at The Cybex Research Institute

8. Read fitness magazines: Magazines like Shape and my professional publications motivate the heck out of me to get to the gym. I find new exercises to try and my gym has all the equipment and toys I need.

-Sandra Hahamian, certified personal trainer

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9. Follow a routine: I motivate myself to get to the gym without any real problem, in general. I have a plan in place for my workout routines for the week, and I follow it regularly. Each day, I have a different workout planned, and it is part of my daily routine. If I don't go to the gym, I just don't feel like my day has been complete.

-Nicole Palacios, personal trainer

10. Remember this: Some people talk all day long about what they are going to do but ironically remain perpetually stagnant. Did you ever notice that those who actually achieve their goals are the one's barely talking? Take action, stop talking about it-do it.

-Eric Broser, professional bodybuilder and Planet Muscle Magazine monthly columnist

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