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    By Mehmet Oz

    Has your energy level been low? Have you felt exhausted, despite regulating your sleep and stress? If so, you're not alone. Nearly one-third of US primary care patients report significant fatigue, accounting for 7 million office visits every year. Learn four surprising reasons that could account for your exhaustion, along with Dr. Oz's unusual-but effective-cures. Of course, if your energy level is unusually low, get your blood checked by your physician.

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    Bad Bacteria in Your Gut Prevent Deep Sleep

    Two-thirds of the world's population--over 4.5 billion people--have bad bacteria known as H. Pylori living in their stomach. This harmful bacteria can be a major source of fatigue. Your stomach's inner lining produces acid to digest food, while simultaneously creating protective mucus to guard from this acid. H. pylori bacteria invade the stomach, destroying your protective mucus layer and leaving you vulnerable to ulcers, or tiny sore...Read More »

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    Even the busiest of moms find simple, sneaky ways to stay healthy between packing brown bag lunches and tucking the kids into bed. This Mother's Day, why not take the opportunity to get the entire family involved?

    "Depending on the age of your child and their interests, there are a few options," says Zeel Expert and Smarter Bodies co-founder Kim-Lien Kendall. "One is cooking a healthy meal with your child or baking a healthy snack."

    While there are many indoor activities that can be arranged, from blending up delicious green smoothies for breakfast to making a vegan carrot cake for dessert, Kim and V-Method founder Vicki Vara also encourage families to take advantage of this year's unseasonably warm temperatures. Bring your baked goods to the park, for example. Have a picnic; fly a kite.

    Another great way to cultivate healthy habits in the great outdoors: plant flowers or, better yet, a garden. "Gardening is a great activity the whole family can get

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  • Stress-relieving workouts that aren't meditation

    Stress-relieving workouts that aren't meditation

    While following a regular exercise program is a great way to relieve stress, some workouts can actually cause a stress response in your body. Some research has linked exercise (endurance workouts in particular) with increased production of stress hormones and inflammation in the body.

    We're not suggesting you skip your workout-just make sure it's balanced and responsive to your body's needs. For example, if you find yourself under a lot of stress, you may want to restore your energy level with a flowing, gentle sweat session instead of that killer spin class. And while meditation is a proven stress reducer, it isn't for everyone (and who really has the time or patience for it?). If you prefer to stay in motion, we recommend trying any or all of these relaxing (but dynamic) mind/body workouts :

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    1. NIA: NIA, which stands for Neuromuscular Integrative Action, is a blend of martial arts, dance, and healing arts. Done

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  • Someone you care about has just been diagnosed with cancer. What do you say? What do you do? You probably feel totally helpless, right?

    Before being diagnosed with cancer, I had no idea what to do or say in such situations. In fact, I'm sure that in the past I handled such moments with a lack of grace and finesse, simply for lack of knowledge and experience. And, honestly, every situation is unique, and there are no clear rights or wrongs in these circumstances. However, what I can tell you after having recently been diagnosed with cancer is that there were some things that were comforting and helpful to me, and others, not so much.

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    1. Don't share stories about how your now-dead friend had the exact same diagnosis, symptoms, doctor, or treatment plan. As new cancer patients, we're not ready for such information. We'll likely become hungry for cancer stories later and have hundreds of questions. In the b
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  • Here's what to do during your waking hours for a better night's sleep.

    Here's what to do during your waking hours for a better night's sleep.

    You know you should be getting your shuteye every night, but if you're like most of us, you're either not sleeping enough, waking up a lot when you do, or lying there wondering if it's too late (or, ugh, too early) to get up and turn on the TV. In fact, 60% of Americans experience sleep problems every single night. Before you write this off as another of life's unsolvable problems (or, let's be honest, just reach for the sleeping pills again) read on. As it turns out, simple tweaks to your all-day routine can prep you for a much better night's sleep. Here's what to do from the second you wrestle yourself from your warm bed in the morning to the moment you crawl back in after a long day. Follow these, and you can kiss those sheep goodbye.

    20 Ways to Sleep Better Every Night

    Make sleep a priority.
    Now, don't roll your eyes. If you want a better night's sleep, you have to get serious about it. Need convincing? A recent study found that when you're short on zzzs, you're also more likely t

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