Hottest TV Hunks Over 45

OK, maybe they can't compete with George Clooney in the looks department, but these guys are pretty hot! Here, our top TV hunks:

Tom Selleck

At 66, Tom Selleck, the NYPD honcho in "Blue Bloods," is still one unbelievably good-looking guy. And he's kept female audiences fluttery since his 1980s "Magnum, P.I." days. Plus, in a Hollywood of notoriously short marriages, he and wife Jillie Mack have been married for 24 years. Hunky and faithful? Irresistible!

Matt Lauer

After 14 years as the co-anchor of "The Today Show," it's almost impossible to imagine Matt Lauer doing anything else. Not only is he a tough interviewer, he's also given us dozens of wild and crazy moments (like donning lip-shaped sunglasses with then co-host Meredith Vieira.)

Mark Harmon

The "NCIS" star, 60, been famously voted the most popular guy on TV, and looks have to be part of that. The silver hair, the chiseled features, that I-can-take-care-of-that air: It's all pretty compelling.

Chris Noth

He once played a detective on "Law & Order," but it's safe to say that most women remember Noth, 56, as Carrie's boyfriend, the elusive and devastating "Big," on Sex and the City." His latest role is on "The Good Wife" as the womanizing, corrupt prosecutor Peter Florrick. Yep, he's got that bad-boy thing going on.

Alex Trebek

Trebek, 71, may not be everybody's idea of a heartthrob, but watch "Jeopardy" for a while and you begin to see his appeal. How can you not be attracted to a guy who's unfailingly courteous-and always knows the right answer?

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Brian Williams

News anchors are sometimes unfairly characterized as nothing more than good-looking news readers. But Williams, 52, the anchor of the "NBC Evening News," goes on the scene to report on overwhelming c rises, including the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. His work led to NBC getting a Peabody Award - the TV equivalent of a Pulitzer.

Sean Hannity

Love or hate his conservative politics, you've got to admit that Hannity, 49, has the classic all-American look of the star high-school quarterback. He's got a working-class edge, too: After dropping out of college, he went to work as a contractor.

Simon Cowell

Love him or hate him, you've got to admit Cowell, 51, the czar of "American Idol" and "The X Factor," is kinda cute. He's got a razor-sharp haircut, groovy sunglasses and he works out. Plus, he makes really good career choices.

David Caruso

Talk about a second act! In the mid-1990s, Caruso, who'd rocketed to stardom in the ABC series "NYPD Blue," left the show to become a movie star. But the brooding redhead failed so badly that his decision was ranked by "TV Guide" as #6 on a list of the worst mistakes ever made in the world of television. Luckily, Caruso made a successful return to the small screen in "CSI: Miami." He's not thinking of leaving anytime soon.

Timothy Hutton

It's not hard to imagine Hutton, 51, with his boyishly mischievous looks, as a good guy - sort of. That's exactly what he plays in "Leverage" as Nate Ford, an ex-insurance agent who leads a band of 21st-century Robin Hoods (they take from the rich and give to the poor).

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