Ways to avoid fighting with your guy on vacation

Vacationing with your guy is supposed to be a fun experience, but unfortunately it doesn't always turn out that way. Arguments can brew between the two of you and completely knock off the positive dynamic of the trip. Forget about spending a lot of money and getting all excited about the trip only to have it go down the drain because of an argument or two. So how can you prevent them from happening?

Know the person you're vacationing with

Don't go on vacation with a guy you barely know. Sure the beginning of a relationship is exciting and you're all ready to tackle a bunch of new experiences together, but taking a trip shouldn't be one of them. Wait until you really know someone before packing your bags to head off with them.

Book the vacation together

It's better if the two of you are in the same room - or at least talking with each other on the phone - when you're booking the trip. Many have a preference when it comes to the transportation and lodging details including where to stay, what time to leave and come back and how to get from the airport to the hotel. Going over the details while you're booking the trip can help prevent arguments later on.

Settle arguments before you leave

The last thing you want to do is leave for a trip without leaving the arguments behind. If you have any outstanding issues, settle them before you walk out the door. It's only going to linger throughout your vacation if they're not talked over before you leave.

Don't book during your time of the month

Many couples aren't into having sex while the woman is on her period, and if you're one of them, avoid booking the vacation during your time of the month. If you vacation while you're on your period, you're likely going to feel crampy, bloated and lethargic, and who really wants to travel back and forth during that time? I once made the mistake of vacationing during my time of the month, and with the lowered immune system, stress and travel germs, I ended up getting quite sick. Schedule your vacation during a time when you know you're going to feel at your best.

Compromise on activities

Sit down with your guy before your trip and go over the activities the two of you are hoping to do. Try to have as even a balance as possible between what you want to do and what he wants to do. You don't want a fight to break out in the middle of vacation because one of you feels cheated.

Leave some unplanned time

Some make the mistake of scheduling every single activity of their vacation. Sure you'll do a lot of what you want to, but you'll also wear yourselves out and everything will feel like work because you're trying so hard to stick to a schedule. Leave some blocks of time where the two of you can be spontaneous and do whatever you want.

Take a breather from each other

Just because you're on vacation together doesn't mean you have to spend every moment together. One or both of you can feel smothered after a few days of essentially being attached at the hip. Don't hesitate to do a little exploring on your own, which can be an especially great thing if you want to do an activity that he doesn't.

One of the best ways to avoid fighting on vacation is to realize that things may not go perfectly. Some have a habit of redirecting their anger toward their partner when things don't go right, but take a deep breath and work together to figure out a solution instead of taking it out on each other. Vacations can make or break a relationship. Make sure you're a couple who feels their relationship is stronger than ever when they get home.

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