Ways to cut down on summer spending costs

Summer is the season of socializing and getting out of the house, which means the wallet can start to empty a bit more quickly. You don't have to go broke by season's end. There are plenty of ways to cut down on spending costs this summer so you can enjoy yourself without all the big bills.

Stay in hostels

Hotels may seem more appealing, but hostels are a lot cheaper. One of the biggest misconceptions about staying in hostels is that there's multiple people shoved in one disgusting room with roaches on the walls. Don't get me wrong, some places are like that, but many aren't and you can actually get a private room. Before you book a hostel, look up recent reviews to get an impression of the place.

Strip down and head for water

You already cut down on the clothes you wear during the warmer months, but when it gets too hot to handle, head for the water. Take a cool shower or bath, go for a swim in the pool or ocean, have a water balloon fight or even sit in a kiddie pool if you don't have a regular one. It's all much better than sitting inside using up electricity on the air conditioner.

Share the meal costs

When you go out for meals, split the dishes with each other. You'll be able to try several dishes without the big price tag. I recently went out to a nice restaurant with a few friends and each entree cost about $22 Rather than each of us getting our own meal, we ordered five dishes and split them all. For around $30 each, we walked out of there completely stuffed and got to sample five dishes instead of just one. Before splitting entrees, make sure there's no "sharing cost."

Have potluck barbecue

Hosting a barbecue can be quite expensive, so instead of footing the bill yourself, host a potluck barbecue. Ask each person to bring something, which is not only beneficial for saving you money, but also for trying new foods or meals you've never had before.

Sell off your summer wear

If you want to put some of the money you spent back in your pocket, sell off some summer clothing you're tired of wearing or you haven't worn in awhile. You can also do the same thing with summer items you no longer use including outdoor lights, pool toys, unused citronella candles and any other summery things you have lying around that are just taking up space.

Summer is one of the seasons where you're supposed to make an extra effort to get out for some fun, so you shouldn't have to sit inside because you're tight on cash. Making a few adjustments can help you take full advantage of the beautiful weather without being short on cash.

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