Ways to incorporate motifs into wedding decor

A motif is a chosen design that is repeated throughout your decor. There are many different motifs you can choose for your wedding and reception, from a particular flower to something more unique, like your favorite animal. Motifs are a great way to set the theme for your wedding decor. How can you incorporate your chosen motif into the decorations for your big day? Try these ideas.


The invitations give guests the first clue into your wedding style or theme, from sophisticated to casual. Wedding stationery is a good way to reveal your chosen colors or style to invited guests, beginning with your save-the-dates and formal invitations. It doesn't have to stop there: Use the same motif throughout your ceremony programs, thank you cards and so on.

Ceremony decor

You can even bring certain motifs into the ceremony decor: your favorite flower, for example. If you have chosen the orchid as your wedding flower, set a couple orchids near the altar; if you chose ivy, cover the archway with strands of ivy. Since ceremony decor is typically minimalistic, you have to plan it very carefully so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Place card holders

There are plenty of fun motif ideas for place card holders. To keep it simple, choose a small photo frame that features your chosen design and display your guests' names within the frame. I have also seen large "diamonds" that have slits for name cards and candle holders that double as place card holders. My favorite so far is the elephant shaped place card holder.


You can bring your motif into the centerpiece in many different ways. The most common centerpiece is a container that holds some sort of arrangement, such as flowers, branches or feathers. Designs such as your monogram, entwined hearts or lovebirds--for a few examples--can be engraved, etched or embossed onto centerpieces for a unique touch.


Turn your reception favors into part of your decor by adorning them with your motif. Favor boxes can be ordered with your chosen design, or you can print it onto labels and attach them to your favors with glue or ribbon. It can be easy to do with a good quality printer and some white or colored paper. Set the tables with a favor at each place, and they will become part of your reception decor.

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