Ways to incorporate regular communication into your relationship

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. Without it, you simply drift apart and problems occur. I have learned that talking things through in any situation is much better than ignoring the issue. My relationship has bounced back from a bad place because we forced ourselves to discuss things neither one of us wanted to talk about. These are three ways to incorporate communication into your partnership, and why it is important.

Take 10 minutes before bed

Each night before going to sleep, spend time talking to your partner. You can connect better when you are both alone, and can unload your mind. Some conversations should be saved for when children (if involved) are asleep, and this is the perfect time. My husband and I take full advantage of this. Each night about 30 minutes after the kids are put down, we sit down and talk. Sometimes the conversations last longer than the "10 minutes," but they are some of the most meaningful moments we have together.

Finish your arguments when you start them

Never walk away from something and leave it unfinished. The silent treatment does not bode well in relationships, and it will leave you more frustrated then you were before. Finish having it out with your partner, and then let it go. The more time you spend avoiding him and the problem, the harder it will be to solve. I learned this lesson the hard way in the beginning when I first met my husband. About a year into our partnership, I found out some upsetting things. I confronted him and walked away. I refused to speak with him for several days and each day that went by, I became more and more angry. It was one of the biggest mistakes I made. Now when we fight, we battle it out until something is resolved.

Have a coffee break

This is much like the talk before bed, except it is an excuse to have some time away. Meeting at the coffee shop is like a short date, and a change of scenery is always good for talking through things. You can talk freely about things without worry that someone in the house will overhear you, especially kids or other family members. My husband and I try to do this bi-weekly, especially because there has been complete chaos around the house for about two months. This has been both enlightening and stress-relieving. We learned that we needed to connect on another level other than as parents, especially because it is easy to lose your identities when you add children into the relationship.

Communication is key to making your relationship work. Learning which techniques work for you and your partner will take some time, but once you find what works, your connection will be stronger. Without being about to talk to one another, things will fall apart and your bond will crumble.

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