Ways to make more time for sex

As amazing as sex is, it can sometimes take a backseat to life's obligations and responsibilities to where it doesn't happen as often as you and your guy might like. Despite busy schedules, you don't have to settle for having it once a week or less. You can still get everything done that you need to without sacrificing in such an important area. Besides, you get pleasure, a mood booster and calorie-burner all rolled into one. Should you and your guy want to make more time for sex - even with foreplay included - there are several ways to make it happen.

Make it a priority

You make time to go to work, time to eat, time to shower - all because they're a priority. Sex needs to be at the top of your list of priorities. It's such a vital part of your relationship; it's right up there with communication and trust. Even if it means you have to give up doing a few of the smaller things, like not doing the dishes for a night or not getting the ice cream you were craving, so be it.

Be willing to be spontaneous

Sex doesn't always have to be in the bedroom nor does it always have to last a long time. Depending on where you are, if the mood strikes and you feel like having sex, be spontaneous and enjoy it.

Schedule date nights

After being together for awhile, some couples completely stop doing date nights. If you can schedule times with your family and friends, you can schedule a date night as well. When you're looking forward to the date night, there's the anticipation and a butterfly-feeling like you had when you were first dating. It's one of the ways to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

Adjust your schedule

Talk it over with your guy and see where the two of you can adjust your schedules to make more time for sex and each other. I know it seems like there's never enough time, but you might be surprised how possible it is to find a little extra. Maybe you can go in to work an hour early so you can leave a bit earlier or go to the Zumba class the same day he has his guys night. Even rearranging things by an hour or so can make a big difference.

Stop making excuses

When you keep saying you and your guy don't have enough sex, but neither of you are doing much to change it, both of you are just making excuses. You can either continue to do so or find ways to have more time to pull each other's clothes off. Chances you would rather go with the latter.

Having better quality, longer-lasting, more frequent sex can make a big difference in a relationship whether you're going though a rough patch or you're already in a really good place. Make changes to find more time for sex and you may be surprised at how much things can improve, not only in your relationship, but with yourself as well.

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