Ways to get what you want from your guy for Christmas

Many guys are notoriously late shoppers. However, they'll somehow go to stores on Christmas Eve and walk away with everything they need while we spend months planning to buy the perfect gift. Despite the last minute shopping, they still need to figure out what to get. Shopping for women can sometimes be a guy's worst nightmare. Several of my guy friends call me in a panic every year asking what they should get their girlfriends or wives. This year, give your guy the gift of easy shopping. There are several ways you can get the gift you want while making shopping for you easier for your guy.

Have someone relay the message

If there are loved ones he usually gets advice from regarding your gift, let them know what you want so they can relay the message to your guy. Another option is to tell a loved one who can mention in passing that you said you wanted a specific item.

Give a list

A wish list often works well, especially if the two of you have a set budget of how much to spend on each other. Make sure to include a variety of items that consist of different price points that way he can either choose one or two major gifts or a bunch of relatively inexpensive presents. Handing him a wish list is a great option if you want to be surprised by what's under the tree on Christmas morning.

Drop hints in a store

Should you and your guy go shopping together and you see something you want, point it out to him and let him know how much you'd love it. Make sure to show him what you're talking about rather than just mentioning it in passing so he knows exactly what you're referencing.

Drop hints via social media

Everyone shares everything on Facebook, so you may as well take advantage of it by sharing what you want for Christmas. Make a comment with it such as "I absolutely love this" or "Adding this to my Christmas list" and your guy will take the hint as long as he sees it.

Tell him straight out

The easiest way to get what you want for Christmas is to be straight out honest and tell him "I want this." It's especially useful if you want only one or two gifts and only those specifically. Since I'm incredibly difficult to shop for and always say I don't need anything, this is usually my method that works out well. It saves the guy from aggravation and I get a present I'll enjoy and can use.

Put hints around the house

A friend called me up last year all excited because she got a Kindle. Her husband isn't the type to pick up on hints, so I asked her how she managed to get her point across that she wanted it. She explained that she printed out three items she wanted and taped them up where he would see them. The picture of the Kindle was taped to the bathroom mirror. If your husband will be amused by the tactic rather than get annoyed or insulted, it could be an additional option for letting him know what you'd like for Christmas.

Your tactic for letting your guy know what you want all depends on which one he'll respond to and how much you want to be surprised. Every guy is different, so tailor your approach to which one will register with him the best and both of you will have a much easier time once he starts the Christmas shopping process.

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