Weathering 'Superstorm' Sandy in Delran, New Jersey

We live in a small suburban town in south New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that is also only 45 minutes from Atlantic City. We were definitely nervous since we were told that our area, being so close to the shore and lined with many trees, would be hit very hard. We prepared, like everyone else, and had flashlights, coolers, first aid supplies and packed bags ready.

It rained all day on Monday, sometimes in vertical sheets, other times in horizontal sheets. The lights flickered on and off all day, and the TV, we watched for news, lost satellite often.The ground outside was definitely very wet, which we knew could lead to the saturation of tree roots. The winds were strong during the day, but nothing like they were when it got dark and whipped the trees around. I think that was the hardest part, and the scariest for the kids, when it was dark outside and the wind was howling and blowing but we couldn't see anything. My family slept downstairs together, which is a much safer place than upstairs during a storm like that, and we got through the night safely. It was in the morning when we would assess the damage.

Many of our neighbors lost power, but we lucked out. We went outside Tuesday and noticed a lot of small and large branches scattered about our front and backyard. A neighbor, just down the street, however, was not so lucky. A very large tree took out the entire side of their house and crushed a car in the driveway. Luckily, the family living in the house was safely rescued and there were no injuries.

Now all we can do is wait, listen to the news and help out wherever we can. We have been told there could be more rain today, so there is still danger of trees falling and flooding not receding. Our hearts, however, go out to those who were hit very hard in places like the Jersey shore, Battery City, NY, and up the Northeastern coast. Be safe everyone.