5 Wedding Guests You Don’t Have to Invite

Wedding Paper DivasWedding Paper DivasPlanning your wedding guest list is no easy fete. With family members you haven't seen in years to inviting co-workers, it can seem daunting to know where to make the cut.

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Whether some people simply slip your mind or your venue space is limited, there are inevitably certain folks who always end up left off your wedding invitation mailing list.

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If you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of trimming down the number of people on your list, we have you covered. First thing's first, you need to think about the long run-people who have been a part of your life individually and as a couple. Secondly, keeping your budget on point is essential; think about it-if a family has over six people in it, inviting just the parents might be the best option. And lastly, think about who you'll really want to share the day with.

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Once you go through that checklist, creating your guest list should be a cinch. If not we've got the go-to list of no-no's when it comes to invitees.

Cross These Questionable Guests Off of Your List:

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Non-mutual friends:

As a couple, you share a lot of friends in common-those friends who have become a part of your joint social circle are much more likely to receive wedding invitations than those who only get along with one of you.

Families of your friends:

Although many people would love to send wedding invitations to the parents of close friends, there often isn't room in the budget or space in the venue to accommodate these extra guests. Don't worry-they will understand!

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Friends who don't get along with your fiancé:

The truth is, friends who argue with the person you are marrying aren't going to add to the celebratory spirit of the day! Save yourself some stress and leave these guests off the list for a little extra bliss on your big day.

Family members who you haven't seen in years:

This group of relatives certainly won't be expecting wedding invitations unless you are especially close. Each guest should have a special connection to the couple. There is no need to someone just because you are related!


Unless your future spouse has expressly given you permission to invite your ex without any hesitation, it is considered extremely inappropriate to send a wedding invitation to an ex. Remember, even if you are currently close friends with them, if your fiancé feels even an ounce of hesitation, leave this person off the guest list. You will thank yourself later!

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-Francesca Borgognone, The Daily Meal