Where to meet single guys in winter

Winter is one of the most difficult seasons to meet someone new if you're single. Many stay in and hibernate because of the cold weather and if they go out, it's usually to another person's house. So how are you expected to meet someone if so many are hiding out indoors? Don't let the cold winter and reduced prospects get to you. There are still a variety of places to meet single guys even if the temperatures, snow and ice are threatening to derail your romantic plans.

Head to the slopes

During the winter, go where the snow is celebrated. Head to the slopes where you can go skiing, snowboarding or tubing. Depending on where you go, you may also be able to go ice skating. You can either meet some guys on the slopes or at the lodge while you're relaxing in front of the fire. It's already the perfect setting for some romance and excitement.

Visit your nearest tourist city

If you live near a big tourist city, such as New York, head over and meet some guys who are also spending time in the area. Go to some bars or restaurants you've never tried and see if you can meet new people who are either visiting from out of town, trying new places or doing holiday related activities. It may not be your thing at first, but it will at least provide quite a few prospects.

Attend holiday events

Some singles get lonely around the holidays so they refrain from attending certain events because of all the happy couples, but don't let it get you down. Grab a friend or two and focus on just having a great time together. You never know if you'll run into a wonderful single guy who also refuses to let being single get him down around the holidays.

Take some classes

You may have always wanted to learn a new skill, such as cooking Italian food or learning how to box, and winter is the perfect chance to do that. Many refuse to stay cooped up in the house or spend time outdoors during the cold months so they find new activities to occupy their time. Take some classes and you could end up meeting some single guys who have the same interests.

Attend some shows

There are a variety of famous and local bands who play throughout the winter months. Forget staying cooped up and go see some shows. You'll enjoy some fantastic entertainment and meet some single guys who you already know are into the same music you are.

Although it's difficult to meet single guys in winter, it's definitely not impossible. Make the effort to leave the comfortable couch and warm house to see what (and who) is out there. You never know when you'll meet a guy who is perfect for you.

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