Why is my face so shiny?

Triggers you should know

I hate posing for a group photo only to see that my face outshines everyone else's later. A shiny face looks greasy, and it can feel that way, too. According to WebMD, there is more than one trigger for a shiny face. Narrowing down the ones that affect you can help you control that unwanted glowing.

Hormonal imbalance: Shedding hair? Don't have regular periods? It's probably unbalanced hormones that make you shine, shine, shine! Even if you're not scheduled for menopause, your male hormones could be off balance. Yep, all women have them. Cold feet and flaking skin also show hormonal imbalance. Visit your physician to check your hormone levels, including your thyroid hormones.

The wrong cleanser: Some women love that dry feeling they get after washing their face. If your skin feels dry and tight after a cleansing, you need to adjust your cleansing products. What happens is, your skin says, "Hey, it's dry in here! Let's produce some oil!" Fifteen minutes later, your facial skin has "helped" you by producing oils, leaving you feeling shiny.

Foods that make you shiny: Brides on the Wedding Bee forums have expressed serious concerns about shiny skin. It could be your diet. If you constantly consume fried foods, that shine could be a result of toxins. Ditch the crispy chips and French fries for a week, you'll notice the difference. Leafy green veggies like lettuce keep the skin looking smooth, balanced, and healthy.Cut down on toxic foods.

Shiny skin doesn't have to be a problem. Make a few changes to your routine and keep blotters handy in your purse. Dab and press on powder before you take a photo.