Why Getting Married Doesn’t Mean You’re Done Having Fun

While some people think marriage is the end-all of fun, it just isn't true. Sure, getting married is a big, life-changing step, but that doesn't mean the good times have to stop. In fact, being married to the one you love gives you a new kind of enjoyment. You just need to embrace the change it brings to your life! With a bit of effort and some helpful reminders, you can keep the laughter flowing and the bliss bubbling.

1. Sex is better! Yup, you read that right. "Married people are more satisfied with their sex lives than singles," says StayHitched.com marriage counselors Patty and Greg Kuhlman, PhD. You'd think singles mixing it up would be more satisfied with their sex lives, but it's the opposite. The steady sexual flow between committed partners creates a bond and makes sex even more comfortable and exciting. Try to have new experiences with your honey from time to time to keep the romance revved up.

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2. Marriage is what YOU make it. You and your spouse are the ones in control of the show. Don't fall into the same patterns by watching the same TV programs every night or cooking the same meals. This doesn't mean you have to be wild and spontaneous everyday; it just means that you have to make your daily life what you want it to be. As HeartAndSoul-Mates.com matchmaker Melanie Matcek explains, "Marriage is a continuum of an already beautiful, thriving relationship. You both must continue to nurture your relationship. Be wary of complacency."

3. Have double the entertainment. Marriage means you have someone to share all your awesome times with. "When you're married, you have a permanent cuddle buddy who's not your cat," remarks author of "Hearts on the Line" Marla Martenson. "There are trips to plan, home improvements to make, dinner parties to host, and goals to achieve. Having a soul mate to go through life with is a huge adventure that should be filled with lots of fun times." Plan activities to do together -- like playing doubles tennis or learning a new language -- and enjoy the thrill of having that special person by your side as you share an experience.

4. You're always with your best friend. Your spouse should be your best friend as well as your lover. "Marrying your best friend and agreeing to take on life together is going to lead a couple down a road that will always be stimulating, but let's be clear: There will be dry spells. That's the nature of life in general," suggests marriage and family therapist David Simonsen, PhD. "If the focus is on enjoying life's challenges, the outcome will be a relationship that never gets old and tired." Stroll into a whole new realm of joy with your partner as you prepare for life's little hiccups together.

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5. Your spouse is NOT a ball and chain. Dating expert Lindsey Slosberg says, "For some, the idea of getting married translates to a prison sentence! For many, it's not the commitment to one person that poses a problem; it's the change in your social life. You may find yourself spending more time with couples, and your interests may expand to include that of your partners. Roll with it. Embrace it."

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