Why I love children's toys without batteries

With my first child, I had a lot of battery-operated toys. Some sang cute songs. Others had flashing lights. While the toys entertained my daughter, eventually they got old. Now, most of them are in a bin. Here is why I now opt for toys that are battery-free.


My daughter has some play mice and a little house they live in. Often times, I will find her making the mice talk and moving them in and out of the house. Battery-free toys encourage creativity. For instance, building blocks have endless possibilities. Kids can make towers, houses, obstacle courses and other structures. Musical instruments, dress-up clothes and Play-doh are other good choices.

Less hassle

Some of the battery-operated toys are a hassle. The battery compartment is difficult to open. When the toys stop working, the child is often unhappy. Since he or she is used to the toy making noise, the child might have a hard time playing without all the "bells and whistles." Furthermore, the toys take different kinds of batteries so parents have to stock up on various types.


My daughter is pretty proficient with our tablet and computer. She plays games on our tablet and enjoys reading stories on her grandpa's wireless reading device. While I want my daughter to be tech savvy, I also don't want her to be obsessed with media. Thus, when it comes to toys, I try to stay tech-free. There's so much emphasis on texting and smart phones, I want my kids to enjoy simple toys and experiences.

Less overall cost

Let's face it: batteries are expensive. Once you buy a battery-free toy, there aren't any other costs. Furthermore, toys without batteries are sustainable. They are less likely to break. Some fun toys are the ones we've made with household items like toilet paper rolls.

They aren't annoying

Some toys are simply obnoxious. They are very loud and repeat the same phrases over and over again. We have a battery-operated puzzle that seems to have a mind of its own. It doesn't have an off switch so sometimes I will hear pig and cow sounds in the middle of the night.

Initially, my daughter is attracted to toys that make noise. While I am not opposed to having some items that use batteries, I am trying to steer her towards more creative toys. Of course, there's nothing better than simply playing outdoors or enjoying a good book.

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