Wives confess! Worst things your mother-in-law has said

Mother-in-laws aren't always sweethearts

Every woman would love for her mother-in-law to be a sweet and understanding lady who she can talk to about anything. Unfortunately, not every mother-in-law can be as nice as Marion Cunningham or Caroline Ingalls. Some mother-in-laws, in fact, can be downright awful and unpleasant to be around. They criticize everything you say or do and can make you feel very small. I took the the time to interview 10 women around the United States and asked them what's the worst thing their mother-in-law has said to them.

"My son could find somebody better to marry and love!" - Cindy Whiteside, Valparaiso, Ind.

"You really should lose some weight if you don't want to end up divorced. D's father never liked fat women and neither does D." - DC Fetters, San Dimas, Calif.

"If you just lost weight, you would be so beautiful. All that fat on your body just doesn't look flattering on you." - Sandy Neeston, Burlington, Mass.

"Sophia is such a little brat and has no respect for her elders. It must be the way you are raising her." - Abigail Weatherly, Houston, Texas

"I think it's silly that you're going back to school to become a nurse. You know you're not smart enough to work in the medical field." - Sarah Swatowski, Madison, Wisc.

"You're lucky my son is such a patient person. If I was him, I would have left you years ago." - Madeline Smeery, Mesa, Ariz.

"You should really stop wearing your makeup like that. It makes you look cheap." April Welch, Las Vegas, Nev.

"I don't know why you cut your hair so short. It just makes your head look bigger than it already is." - Elizabeth Johnson, Anderson, Ind.

"Ted's ex-wife is just so pretty, sweet and caring. I sometimes wish he was still married to her." - Natalie Torterelli, Albany, N.Y.

"I was surprised when Danny introduced you to me. He usually dates such thin women." - Jessica Bates, Crete, Ill.

What's the worst thing your mother-in-law has said to you?

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