Women confess: 10 most painful cosmetic procedures

Women don't mind enduring a little discomfort for a beauty boost, but a few of us are willing to put up with flat out pain. If you think an eyebrow wax is the epitome of pain, guess again. Ten women share their painful cosmetic experiences. Beauty seekers be warned; it's going to hurt!

"I wanted to make my small lips look larger. A beautician friend of mine suggested that I try permanent lip liner. She told me she could line right outside of my natural lip line, and my lips would look bigger. That was four hours of complete and utter agony. Now, I look like I have a permanent chocolate milk ring around my lips. I have to wear a ton of makeup just to fade it, temporarily." - Rosie Shambach, Sparta, Ga.

"I thought getting my nipples pierced would spice up my love life. I didn't know they'd be piercing my nipples by hand with something called an awl. I left with one nipple torn. I bled all the way to the emergency room." - Cindy C. Davis, Gulf Shores, Ala.

"I wanted to shed some inches around my waist before my wedding. I got a body wrap and found out that I had a dangerous nut allergy. I spent my wedding night and honeymoon in the hospital." - Shanda King, Boston, Mass.

"I had a toe tuck, because the toe next to my big toe was really long. I always felt weird wearing sandals or flip-flops. They look great now, but that process was painful. I don't recommend it." - Mary Elizabeth Warren, Alabaster, Ala.

"My dermatologist zapped a few of my eye wrinkles with a fractal laser. Oh my God, nothing prepared me for that pain. He gave me a local anesthetic, but I felt every burn. Never again!" - Karen LaFevre, Houma, Louis.

"I was overweight for a long time, and when I finally did lose the fat, I had to get a double knee lift. I actually ended up having three surgeries. The pain lasted for weeks." - Sheila McNair, Wetumpka, Ala.

"My sister and I had our ears stapled to lose weight. It didn't work for me, and mine got infected. That sucked." - Brenda McKinney, Leakesville, Miss.

"I had a breast augmentation, because my natural breasts were humongous. I had to have my over-sized nipples cut down, too. That was a mistake. After three months, the pain subsided, but now, I have almost zero nipple sensitivity and lots of scar tissue." - Mimi Patterson, Semmes, Ala.

"It's stupid when I think about it now, but about 10 years ago, I had my teeth filed to look like a vampire. That didn't last. My teeth were so sharp that they cut the inside of my lips. I had to get it corrected." - Shay Beatrice, Springfield, Mass.

"My ears used to make me look like a wingnut. I had them pinned back, but it was really painful. I don't regret it, though." - Amanda Lewis, Lucedale, Miss.

What beauty painful beauty procedures have you tried?

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