Women confess: I knew he loved me when...

He says, "I love you." You smile and say it back, but inside you can't help wondering, "Does he really?" Then life changes, and together you endure something. On the other side of that, he's still there, and you realize, "He really does love me!" We asked 10 women to share their "aha" love moments.

I knew he loved me when...

"He danced me to the toilet. I had double pneumonia, and even a trip to the restroom was a challenge. I broke down in tears one day, but he scooped me up, put my feet on his, and danced me to the toilet. I knew he loved me." - Carol Thomas, Syracuse, N.Y.

"My guy kept his mouth closed when I gained 20 pounds. I struggled to get it off and finally did, but he never made a comment. He loved the plump me, too." - Keira Foster, Birmingham, Ala.

"I told him my credit score, and he didn't run away. Instead, he coached me out of debt. I will always love him for that." - Sandra Simpson, Wetumpka, Ala.

"He offered to cook Christmas dinner. I had a bad cold, and we were expecting guests. I stayed in bed while he cooked, entertained, and cleaned." - Shirley Busby, Virginia Beach, Va.

"I admitted that I had a secret spending compulsion. He wasn't happy about the closet of junk I had, but he was cool about it. He saw the worst of me and stuck around." - Jennifer McVay, Alabaster, Ala.

"A few years ago, I relapsed into an addiction. I lost everything, except him. We're not together today, but that's not because he did anything wrong. All he went through... he knew that he loved me, and I miss him." - Shayla Smithfield, Jackson, Miss.

"I decided to get a breast augmentation. I'm now two sizes smaller. Lots of guys would have been ticked but not my guy. He said whatever I wanted to do was fine with him. He loves the new me." - Montana Johnston, Lucedale, Miss.

"My husband took me on a backyard date I'll never forget. The kids helped him string lights in the trees, and he had dinner ready. We danced under the stars, and I thought, 'Yep, he loves me.'" - Margaret Snow, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

"I knew he really loved me when my sick father had to move in. Justin was so loving to him, even when Dad's Alzheimer's was bad. It was a hard time in our lives, but I knew he deeply loved me and my family after that. I feel very lucky." - Jackie Steele, Webster, Mass.

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