Women confess: Secrets to being frugal

Everyone knows that one irritating individual who seems to have a knack for saving cash. No matter what happens, she never sweats over the finances because she is always a cheapskate. Clipping coupons and shopping a clearance sale twice a year does not make her frugal; for her, it's a lifestyle. Frugal women wear their recycled badges proudly year-round. Practice some of these money-saving methods, and you can join the ranks of the penny-wise, too!

"I reuse plastic bags and aluminum foil. My family thinks I am crazy, but with packing lunches and storing foods, I save about $20 a month on that stuff. I rinse, dry, and reuse!" - Michelle Leonard, Birmingham, Ala.

"I gave up eating out. It was hard at first, but now, I do not even bat an eyelash over it. I save hundreds of dollars a year now." - Sheila Mosten, Pascagoula, Miss.

"My family has to wait 24 hours before we buy any big purchase, like a television or a trampoline. Impulse buying and big purchases really hurt me in the past. I make them wait." - Dana Oliver, Satsuma, Ala.

"My big secret is that I joined an online frugal network. Those gals come up with money-saving stuff I would never have thought of. Having a support system helps me save money." - Neela Townsend, Union City, Tenn.

"I cut back my shopping trips to twice a month. My kids know that if they eat up all the chips in a week, that's it. I cut one-third from my grocery bill just by refusing to make extra shopping trips. Money!" - Dina McCleary, Mobile, Ala.

"I taped up the dishwasher door and wash my dishes by hand. I don't know how much money I've saved, but I feel like I'm saving money." - Mindy Baxter, Calhoun, Tenn.

"Every Sunday, I cook meals for the week. That way I'm not tempted to order pizza when I'm rushed. Since I'm cooking for just the two of us, I get to try different things. We love to cook, freeze, and reheat. And we save money!" - Pat Lee, Danville, Ark.

"My big secret? I love Craigslist. I always browse through it when I need something. I bought a treadmill for $50. It could have cost me $300." - Maxine Smith, Webster, Mass.

"My kids love toys, but I never buy new ones. Even for Christmas, I don't buy new." - Monica Winston, Mt. Perry, Ohio

"We never pay for entertainment like movies or the fair. Our city is good about offering free events to families. I clip the schedule out every month. Besides being frugal, we stay involved with our city." - Erin Greer, Columbus, Ohio

What's your big, frugal life secret?