Eva Longoria Takes On Xenophobia

Speaking on a panel on "Latina Power" at the Women in the World Summit 2013, actress and education activist Eva Longoria took on xenophobia in the United States. "They are scared we're going to have a Taco Bell on every corner," she quipped. More seriously, she pointed out that by 2050, the population of Latinos in the United States will have doubled. "If you look at the numbers, that’s our future workforce. If we don’t educate them, we are in trouble.” Longoria also pointed out that the United States is the only country that "promotes monolingualism." She encouraged teaching children "French…Russian…Chinese—we need to be worldly." Longoria also discussed her non-profit foundation which aims to combat the high dropout rates for Latina teens by giving them tools to get into, and stay in, college.


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