$1 Homes for the Holidays

Having a hard time picking out a proper gift for your main squeeze this year? Well, instead of shelling out the big bucks for a tried-and-true HDTV or a diamond-studded bracelet, how about saving some money by getting them an entire house instead? Just as we did last year, This Old House presents a gallery of historic old houses, each of which can be had for the low, low price of one paltry dollar-or for free. The only catch: You must be willing to restore the house or, in some cases, move it to a new location.

Move a Historic Queen Anne

Location: Glenview, Illinois
Price: $1 (Must be moved)

A local church is looking for someone to relocate and restore this vacant Victorian-era farmhouse so that it can build affordable housing on the site. Built in 1892 by Hugh Burnham-one of the founders of Glenview-the multiple-occupancy, 5,000-square-foot structure still flaunts many of its original details, including stained-glass windows, turrets, and loads of beautiful millwork. The house can be moved in its entirety or in pieces but will require considerable restoration work to make it habitable.

Still-it's a buck! Call Ken Cole at 847-729-3265 for more information.


Restore a Piece of Hollywood History

Location: Glenview, Illinois
Price: $1 (Must be moved)

Okay, maybe saying "Hollywood history" is a stretch. But it's believed that a great-uncle of sibling actors Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal did, in fact, build this 1938 Cape Cod. It's now owned by the same church that's trying to sell the previously mentioned Burnham house. Like that place, it needs to be moved to make way for affordable housing. With a fireplace, sunroom, and upstairs screened-in porch, this 1,800-square-foot residence could make a charming restoration project.

For more information, call Ken Cole at 847-729-3265.


Save a Civil War-Era Farmhouse

Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana
Price: $1 (Must be moved)

Grab this 1864 vernacular farmhouse for one smacker, and save it from demolition by the local water company. The home has a symmetrical two-story frame and side gables that make it a shining example of the I-house building style popular in 19th-century Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. The Indiana Landmarks organization has already scouted nearby lots where the building could be relocated for an estimated $30,000 (plus the cost of the property). Original features include an open staircase, beautiful woodwork, original windows, and clapboard siding.

Contact Greg Sekula of Indiana Landmarks at 812-284-4534 for more information.

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