10 Expert Tips For Young Entrepreneurs on Running A Successful Lemonade Stand

Come thirsty and get your quarters ready! May 1, 2011 is National Lemonade Day, a city-wide initiative designed to teach kids how to start, own and operate their own business - a lemonade stand.

Sean Branagan, Director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, offers these young entrepreneurs important tips for running a successful lemonade stand. While the tips are directed at children participating in Lemonade Day, Sean's advice can also be applied to business people of all ages and walks of life!

1. Make sure you get a parent's permission and ask their ideas.

2. Think about what you can do to make your lemonade stand more interesting, unique and fun (funny cups, free cookies, a great name).

3. Think about what else you might want to sell with your lemonade (homemade cookies, artwork, OR the opportunity to make a donation to a charity you support).

4. Think about where you should put your stand so it's safe, visible and where there are people.

5. Be bold: go out and do it.

6. Stand out: do something to get attention. Signs, balloons, yelling "Lemonade for sale!"

7. Have a sign down the road to tell prospective customers "Lemonade Ahead!"

8. Look your customer in the eye when they step up and thank them for stopping by.

9. Proudly tell your customer what you have for sale and the price.

10. Remember to say "thank you" and make them feel GREAT about buying your lemonade.

Interested in getting your little ones involved in Lemonade Day? Click here for information and for more advice from entrepreneurs.

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About the Author:

Serial entrepreneur, technology marketer, consultant, educator and speaker on marketing, online and digital media and technology startups. Sean Brangan is Director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. He is also CEO and eVangelist of Digital Vertical Marketing, founder and president of Communigration, Inc, and General Partner of C3 Strategic, LLC.

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