10 Female Fugitives Wanted by the FBI

By Colleen Kane, CNBC.com
Wanted Women

The FBI's most wanted list is exclusively male, and the vast majority of the other fugitives on its website are also men. Women fugitives do appear on the agency's website, mostly in parental kidnapping cases, but also in murder, domestic terrorism, white collar crime and violent crime cases. Bounties for women fugitives range up to $1 million. Read on to learn what some of these women did … and see if any of them look familiar.

Julieanne Baldueza DimitrionJulieanne Baldueza Dimitrion Julieanne Baldueza Dimitrion
Wanted for white collar crimes
Missing since: July 6, 2010
Reward: up to $10,000

In February 2010, Julieanne Baldueza Dimitrion, 39, and her husband, John Dimitrion, were indicted on mortgage fraud charges. They pleaded guilty to operating a real estate fraud scheme that involved using money from distressed homeowners to fund their own lifestyles, after promising they would invest it. Her lifestyle "investments" included expensive clothing, high-end lingerie, designer purses and shoes, the FBI says.

The couple was last seen last seen at church in Oahu on July 2, 2010, the FBI said, and when they failed to show up for sentencing, warrants were issued and the manhunt began. The couple abandoned their car and there is no record of them on any commercial flights.

Joanne Deborah ChesimardJoanne Deborah Chesimard Joanne Deborah Chesimard
Wanted for domestic terrorism
Missing since: Nov. 2, 1979
Reward: up to $1 million

Black Liberation Army member Joanne Chesimard escaped from prison while serving a life prison sentence for the 1973 execution-style murder of police officer Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike. Chesimard has used many aliases, most famously Assata Shakur (she is the step-aunt of the late hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur).

Born in the Queens section of New York City, the North Carolina-raised Chesimard was an activist in college and took on a leadership role in the Harlem branch of the Black Panther Party, but later left it for the Black Liberation Army.

She is known to have sought political asylum in Cuba since 1984 and is thought to still be there, the FBI says . It cautions that she should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Chere Lyn TomaykoChere Lyn Tomayko Chere Lyn Tomayko
Wanted for: Parental kidnapping
Missing since: May 2007
Reward: N/A

"Parental kidnappings" is the category of fugitives on the FBI web site that's dominated by women. In December 2006, Chere Lyn Tomayko,a Texas nurse, obtained joint custody of her daughter Alexandria Camille Cyprian with her boyfriend, after six years of court proceedings.

By the following May, the FBI said, Tomayko fled with her daughter, violating the court order. They may be in Costa Rica. In 2000, Tomayko was indicted on one count of international parental kidnapping. Tomayko's daughter would now be 23, and the case remains unsolved.

Hazel Leota HeadHazel Leota Head Hazel Leota Head
Wanted on murder charge
Missing since: 1999
Reward: $5,000

A waitress named Hazel Leota Head has a history of moving throughout the country. She has been married as many as 10 times and has gone by more than two dozen other names. The FBI said she is wanted for the 1998 murder of a man in Benton, La., who was shot in the back of his head in his trailer.

Investigators say Head would meet men by taking out personal ads, hanging out at truck stops and traveling with drivers. She has been wanted since 1991 by Nebraska law enforcement on charges of burning down a boyfriend's trailer. The FBI cautions that Head should be considered armed and dangerous.

Rosemary Lorraine Godbolt- MolderRosemary Lorraine Godbolt- Molder Rosemary Lorraine Godbolt- Molder
Wanted on murder charge
Missing since: 1992
Reward: N/A

Rosemary Lorraine Godbolt- Molder once worked as a police dispatcher and a convenience store clerk, but for the past two decades, she's been wanted in the slaying of her 5-year-old stepson, Rayshon Omar Alexxander.
In 1989, Godbolt-Molder brought the boy to an army medical center with injuries, where he died a few hours later. The autopsy revealed that the child's fractured skull and numerous bruises were a result of extensive physical abuse, authorities said.
Godbolt-Molder was arrested, then released on bond, but never reported to her pre-trial officer. She would have just turned 45. The FBI warns that she should be considered an escape risk.

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