10 Habits of Successful Job Hunters

You've heard that job hunting should be a full-time, 40-hour per week job if you want to see results. This kind of time is wasted if you're not searching effectively. Adopt habits of successful job searchers to find a job, and the right one, more quickly.

  • They Use Keywords - Increase your odds of making it to round two by using some of the exact words that appear in the job description. You should use commonly known terms that clearly describe your candidacy and avoid using acronyms and company-specific project names.
  • They're All About Results - Duties are out, results are in. Quantify your professional results by including numbers and percentages to show how valuable you've been to past employers. You need to prove that you were productive and didn't just go through the motions, doing the minimum every day.
  • They Customize Applications - Make your employer feel like you actually want to work for them and wouldn't be happy with just any old job. Customize your resumes and cover letters for each position you apply for to accentuate the ways your skills fit with each job and company.
  • They Write Memorable Cover Letters - The cover letter is your chance to sell yourself to the employer and make them want to turn the page to your resume. Target specific accomplishments and qualifications that make you a unique asset. Always mention the company in question and how you can help its bottom line.
  • They're Meticulous - Proof it on the computer, print it, proof it again, make the changes, print it again, and then give it another proof. Then, have someone you trust proof your resume and cover letter all over again. You're not ruining this opportunity to small mistakes.
  • They're Prepared - Even if you think you're good at interviewing, you still need to practice. Preparation is the key to confidence and lets you think on your toes more clearly. Jot down notes to probable interview questions and say your ideas aloud so they stick in your mind. For extra assurance, invite a pal to play interviewer.
  • They Ask the Right Questions - There will be a time when your interviewer invites you to ask questions, and you'll want to have a list of them written down. Make sure you're asking them the right way to keep your interview on the right track.
  • They Follow-Up - After the interview can be crucial to whether or not you end up getting the job. Follow-up by sending your interviewers thank you notes for their time to put one more chip in your pile.
  • They're Professional Packages - Successful job hunters have their professional act in order: their email address is appropriate, their resume is results-oriented and printed on the proper paper, they arrive at the interview early (but not too early), they smile and shake hands, and they know how much communication is appropriate after the interview. A successful job hunter is the total professional package
  • They're Persistent - No matter how draining the job searching process becomes, you won't find employment unless you keep your game face on. Remain positive and persistent, and you'll eventually find the job for you.
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