10 Health and Beauty Tips for Travelers

Ever wonder why you always look like a hot mess after a long trip? You haven't even started the real vacation, and yet you're already exhausted. Not only that, but your oily skin, red eyes, and greasy hair make you embarrassed to step off the plane.

But it doesn't have to be that way! You can feel healthy and look great by following these simple travel tips. Who said you can't dazzle your destination?

1. Know Your Skin

The first step to dealing with your skin is figuring out the environment(s) you'll be in during your vacation. Will you be spending time in a cabin with dry air, or lounging on a sunny beach, or crossing multiple time zones?

According to SmarterTravel.com, Celebrity makeup artist for Physician Formula Joanna Schlip says that the most important thing travelers need to know is how their skin is going to react, because "there is no one fix-it-all for everybody." This means packing products that you're used to using, products that work specifically for YOUR body. Brand names aren't as important as what feels good on your face.

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2. Stay Hydrated

Associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School Dr. Joseph Kvedar, says on SmarterTravel.com that people generally don't think enough about staying hydrated during a trip. Not only will water help your skin, it also provides oxygen for your brain so you can stay sharp. Before the day of your trip, drink eight glasses of water and avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other dehydrating substances.

Staying hydrated also means using a moisturizer on your face.

3. Pack Items That Work Harder

It'd be nice to pack your entire bathroom, but killing two birds with one stone is essential when it comes to fitting beauty products into limited space.

According to Schlip, the trick to including everything you're used to using is to pack items that have multiple uses. A simple example would be to pick a lip tint that is also a blush or eye shadow, or a facial cleanser that you can also use as a toner and moisturizer.

4. Go Naked!

That is, let your face go naked. There is but a small chance that your makeup will look as new and fresh upon arrival at your destination as it did when you first put it on at home. A simple and easy way to keep your mascara from running, or your foundation from rubbing off, is to wait to apply makeup until after you reach your destination.

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5. Powder Your Nose

If letting your face go naked won't do for you, then try using powder products as opposed to liquid makeup. Schlip recommends powder because it "not only gives you coverage, it gives you SPF protection and it can absorb excess oil." Before leaving the terminal, all you'd need to do is touch-up in the restroom.

6. Get Your Beauty Sleep

This phrase is said so often it borders being cliche, but it's no secret that being well-rested helps you look better. "Sleep is critical to your appearance," Dr. Kvedar says, "and there's no better way to mess up your sleep than crossing time zones." If you're in a different time zone, avoid drinking caffeine after 2 p.m. local time. Combine this approach with proper hydration, and you'll have a good chance of reducing jetlag.

7. Don't Get Fooled by the TSA

Having your toiletries confiscated or thrown away by the TSA can definitely keep you from looking and feeling good on the plane, and at your destination. So before you leave home, be sure to check TSA guidelines of what you're allowed to bring on the plane. It's far better to do a few minutes of research than to have to scramble to replace your products in an unfamiliar place.

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8. Wash Your Hands

Breakouts on your face have a lot to do with dirt that gets clogged in your pores. To keep your skin looking fresh, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before applying makeup. Not only will this help you stay beautiful and healthy on vacation, it will keep you from infecting others.

Keep in mind that not all destinations have clean sinks and soap. For these instances, it'd be a good idea to pack some hand sanitizer, too.

9. Wear Sunscreen - Even on the Plane

The importance of sunscreen can't be emphasized enough. According to Kvedar on SmarterTravel.com, UV exposure can happen even while you're 30,000 feet above the ground -- especially if you have the window seat. "The higher you go the more intense" the UV rays are, Kvedar says.

Schlip recommends products with SPF already included, because sunblock is generally hard to reapply, according to SmarterTravel.com.

10. Pack a Touch-Up Bag

Schlip recommends storing a touch-up in your carry-on bag that you can quickly pull out as soon as you arrive at your destination. Your touch-up bag should include blotting papers to get rid of the shiny T-spot on your face, a little shimmer powder to brighten up your complexion, and translucent powder to help absorb the oil in your hair.


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