10 Real Life Job Interview Disasters

I'll admit; I've had a few interviews where I knew I wasn't getting the job. Once an interviewer asked me how I would handle a hypothetical issue -- then told me my answer was so wrong she didn't even know where to begin. Yikes.

But sometimes you might think an interview is going really well -- and meanwhile the hiring manager is frantically trying not to cringe or laugh. That's the gist of these job interview mistakes.

We convinced hiring managers to share their most awkward interviews, in the hopes that none of us repeat these mistakes. Read on, and share your worst job interview in the comments:

No. 10: "Once I had a candidate who was so nervous they broke out into a rash during the interview. At one point there was so much sweat on their brow, I wanted to hand them a towel." Click here to see a not-so-obvious fix to this potentially stinky problem.

No. 9: "Once there was a girl that came in with rings on almost every finger, and she kept talking with her hands. 'Clink, clank, clack.' It was so distracting, I wasn't focused on what was coming out of her mouth, but rather the awful song her rings were playing." Experts say this is the only jewelry you should wear to an interview.

No. 8: "Believe it or not, I did have a candidate who showed up without a bra -- wearing a silk dress. It was really obvious and made me worry that she would be an employee who didn't know what's appropriate."

No. 7: "I recently interviewed someone whose cell phone rang during our interview. She hit the 'ignore' button, but the person kept calling back -- and she didn't put the ringer on mute. So our interview was interrupted four or five times by phone calls, and it just said to me, this isn't a person who has good common sense."

No. 6: "One candidate came in wearing a see-through cover up, but you could totally see that she was wearing a bright yellow bathing suit under it." See other job interview fashion don'ts here.

No. 5: "One candidate I interviewed while I was eight months pregnant. She looked professional, but as soon as she sat down in my office, she asked me if I was planning on breast-feeding my baby. Another candidate who interviewed really well blew it at the end when I got up to walk her to the reception area, and she gave me a hug. Awkward!"

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