10 Really Bad Habits You Must Avoid at the Workplace

Habits You Must Avoid at the WorkplaceHabits You Must Avoid at the WorkplaceWe all must avoid certain behavioural patterns while we are at our workplaces. Indulging and frequenting unethical habits not only extract bad impression out of you, the situations might also land you in great trouble, such as termination or suspension from your job. Below are the top 10 habits that you must avoid at the workplace.

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1. Discussing salary - This is a huge mistake people make assuming it is a safe thing to do. Discussing and comparing your salary to those of others can stir problems for anyone and may develop discontent and jealousy in you or among peers. This will have a negative impact on your performance and your career.

2. Discrimination - Never make the mistake of discriminating against others on facts based upon religion, nationality, caste, color and other differences. Be respectful of the origination and ethnicity of other employees since doing otherwise might harness resentment for you.

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3.Indulging in gossip - Gossiping isn't a good idea as it mostly ends up reaching the person who is being talked about. As a result, when the person feels bad about it, it might get you and the other person into a situation of clarification which will certainly be harmful for your reputation.

4.Threatening to quit your job - When unhappy with a situation, people often threaten to leave their jobs, whereas they don't actually intent for it. Doing this might catch your boss' attention and there's a fair chance that they make the move themselves instead of waiting for you to threaten again.

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5.Unprofessional attire - A relaxed workplace environment doesn't call for unprofessional attire. Wearing skimpy, revealing or unkempt clothes casts a shoddy image of your personality as a professional. Personal hygiene must not be a matter of choice when it comes to meeting and working with people.

6.Blaming co-workers - Act maturely by choosing not to blame your co-workers for your mistakes. Accept and fix your faults as soon as detected instead of bad-mouthing and blaming others.

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7.Avoid discussing personal life - No matter how good rapport you share with colleagues, try keeping your personal life apart from your professional life.

8.Sleeping at your desk - We all have days when are deprived of sleep and can't concentrate on our work. However, this doesn't justify sleeping at your desk. Attentiveness is very important at work. Instead of sleeping, wash your face and drink coffee to keep yourself going.

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9.Misuse of internet - Do not browse over the internet, watch videos, or download audios and videos as it is unethical. A lot of companies also monitor their employees' activities over the internet, so you better be careful.

10.Avoid making personal calls - Don't enjoy the luxury to make personal calls if you are given a personal telephone installed at you work station. Use it professionally since you can be questioned about making personal calls.

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