10 Types of Spenders: Which One Best Describes You?

10 Types of Spenders: Which One Best Describes You?10 Types of Spenders: Which One Best Describes You? I have met many different types of spenders in my time on the planet. I find it really interesting to figure out how people feel about money, and many people bring up the topic of money in more ways than you realize at first.

I thought it would be fun to put all these personalities in the same post. We have the faux frugalista - you know her, she's always talking about how she's saving money, but you never actually see her saving money. Then there's the generous one - she's giving away more than she should.

The funny thing is, I can relate to every single one of these types of spenders. They are different iterations of my personality. I've been fake frugal before, thinking I was saving money by buying something cheaper (news flash: buying something on sale isn't saving money … not buying something is saving money). I've been generous. In fact, I still am, although my definition of generosity is different. Last summer, I realized the value of $29 worth of generosity.

I am happily the Sane Jane spender now. I'm boring, and my impulses don't get the better of me.

Read on to see which personality matches you - past, present, or future!

1. Showy Sally

She has money, and she makes sure you know it. She'll mention her designer things, or how she simply "had to have the best - at any cost!" when she's talking to you. She wants you to be impressed by how much buying power she has.

2. Cheapskate Cindy

You'll find her in the break room after lunch, hunting for crumbs. She'll come to a meeting where there's free pizza, even if she has no interest in the topic. Paradoxically, she'll drive across town to save 10 cents on a gallon of gas.

3. Generous Gina

She's in grad school, but she's just so happy to see you that she'll buy this round. You can protest, but she'll insist. Her generosity far outpaces her bank account.

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4. Faux Frugal Franny

Her definition of frugality is to buy her designer handbag only when the department store is having a sale. She'll boast that she never pays full price for anything, but she can't stay out of the stores.

5. Emotional Eliza

When she's happy, she's shopping, and when she's sad, she's shopping. When she has a bad day, she goes to the mall. A quick trip to the shoe section will lift her spirits, if only for a moment. Her closet contains memories of happy and sad purchases.

6. Holiday Holly

She's shopping the shelves the day after Christmas, finding bargains on holiday décor. She loves the holidays, and she loves to find just the right gift. She's likely to have her shopping done before the leaves change color, because she's thinking about gift giving all year long.

7. Sane Jane

She doesn't spend when she's emotional. In fact, her spending patterns are pretty boring. But she keeps sane and lives within her means.

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-By Kathleen O'Malley

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