10 Unexpected Careers for Creative Types

Source: 10 Unexpected Careers For Creative Types

When you think of jobs suited for creative people, does consultant come to mind? Probably not. But there are plenty of reasons why this - and other unexpected careers - should make the list. We've gathered some opportunities that will let you flex your creative muscle in the classroom, on the computer, and more, as well as their average salaries (all estimates courtesy of Simply Hired or Glassdoor). Have a look, and put that imaginative brain power to good use.

  • Photo Stylist: Setting the mood or scene for a shoot is one of the most important jobs in commercial photography. Whether you work on a freelance basis or as part of a staff, using props and lighting to see your vision come to life is an accomplishment that's both innovative and gratifying.
    Average salary: $32,000
  • Chef : A pinch of this, a dash of that. Cooking up a delicious meal requires serious know-how and improvisation. By testing out different ingredients and learning how they taste together, you can create your own ingenious recipes. Plus, presentation counts for major points, which means you can get creative with design, too.
    Average salary: $43,000
  • Software Engineer : Sure, being a software engineer involves lines and lines of code and often being glued to a computer. But there aren't many other professions where you can brainstorm an idea - be it a website, design, or app - and see it come to life before your eyes.
    Average salary: $73,000
  • Hairstylist: With just a few simple tools, you can completely transform someone's look and leave her feeling like a different person. It takes paying attention to face shape, knowing how to handle different texture, and, when it comes down to it, a good eye.
    Average salary: varies widely
  • Consultant : There's a reason established companies come to you looking for help: your creative expertise. You may be drafting business plans or devising ways to boost employee morale - either way, you're offering clever solutions where more traditional ones have usually failed.
    Average salary: $78,000

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  • Journalist : Though the perception is that journalism is all about the facts, there are many sides to the profession that require creativity: pitching ideas, writing features, drafting headlines, and more. How you tell a story is also a huge part of it, and these days, that means creative projects involving photography, video, infographics, and other multimedia.
    Average salary: $50,000
  • Florist : If you've ever tried your hand at putting together a bouquet, then you know it isn't easy. Arranging flowers and knowing which families go together is like putting together a puzzle that requires creative juices. Plus, who wouldn't want to be able to stop and smell the roses every day?
    Average salary: $28,000
  • Teacher : Even if you're not a music or theater teacher, being in the classroom requires plenty of ingenuity. Coming up with creative ways to get students to actually like subjects like math, science, or literature is no easy feat and calls for lesson plans that are both fun and educational.
    Average salary: $43,000
  • Entrepreneur : Conceptualizing and starting your own business is incredibly creative in itself. But at the beginning of the venture, you might need to wear several hats: doing your own PR, bookkeeping, designing logos, and so forth, all of which will require flexing those creative muscles.
    Average salary: depends on the business
  • Marketer : This might be the one place where thinking outside the box isn't just a cliché. Garnering buzz for a company or product is difficult these days, and it means coming up with original ways to spin your service; catchy campaigns that go viral are often attributed to the best of the best.
    Average salary: $63,000

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