12 Crazy Things People Put on Their Resumes

You've probably heard job interview horror stories (like the woman who brought her mom or the one who wore a short skirt...and no underwear.) And you might know of people who got nixed because they failed to follow up or send a thank you note post-meeting. Read these work habits that hurt you. But it turns out some of the biggest job-seeking mistakes take place before you even go in for the interview. Here, some of the blunders wannabe employees included on their résumés.

1. Put a picture of her cat on top of her resume.

2. Sent a video trying to hypnotize the HR manager into hiring him.

3. Put God down as a reference (no phone number).

3. The email address had "lovesbeer" in it.

4. Listed her hobby as alligator watching.

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5. Claimed to be a direct descendant of the Vikings.

6. Pointed out, "I'll have your job in five years."

7. Sent a 24-page resume for a 5-year career.

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8. Listed "Master of Time and Universe" under his experience.

9. Started off the application with "Do you want a tiger?"

10. The condition for accepting the position was being allowed to bring his pet monkey to the workplace.

11. Declared himself the LeBron James of table games.

    Yeah, we know they sound like job urban myths, but each one is true. They were reported by hiring and HR managers to CareerBuilder.com.

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