12 Secrets of the Closet Pros

Bob HiemstraBob HiemstraConquering chaos and creating closets that work is easier than you think with these expert tips and strategies.

1. Double Rods
You don't have to get out the power drill or call a handyman to add a second rod to a closet. Hanging rods that hook over existing rails are a smart, inexpensive, and instant way to create extra room for short hanging clothes.

2. Valet Hook
Outside your closet, install a hook or a pullout rod for hanging dry cleaning before it goes into the closet or to plan outfits for parties, vacations, or the next day's work.

3. Hangers
There's a good reason wire hangers are free: They're basically worthless. If you want to prolong the life of your clothes, don't keep them on wire or flimsy plastic hangers. Wood and padded hangers are the best ways to go for maintaining the shape of a garment.

4. Baskets
Put all your purses in baskets and you'll never be on your hands and knees searching for a runaway again.

5. Hooks
Belts invariably get tangled up or lost on the closet floor. The solution? A neat hooked hanger that holds them with minimum fuss.

6. Boxes
Keep the top of your dresser clear and store jewelry in your closet. In the photo, small labeled boxes are housed within a larger container that can be put on a shelf.

7. Shoe Rod
An innovative, shorter version of the traditional hanging shoe bag fits a double-hanging rod system.

8. Shoes on the Door
Utilize the back of your closet door with an ingenious rack that can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes, along with scarves and purses on the hooks below.

9. Shoes on the Floor
If you store your shoes on the floor, get a better view of your collection with a slanted plywood platform that rises four inches from front to back. Strips of semicircular beading on the platform keep footwear from sliding.

10. Clear Shoeboxes
Plastic shoeboxes are great for footwear, but they also make perfect pull-out drawers for underwear. Offering visibility, flexibility, and accessibility, they epitomize smart closet design.

11. Hanging Rack
If you don't have enough shelving in your closet, suspend a hanging rack from the rod. This canvas unit also has drawers -- useful for socks and underwear.

12. Shelf Dividers
These will prevent leaning towers of cashmere and keep unruly purses in their place.

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