12 Ways to Cut Clutter

David PrinceDavid PrinceGet the house under control, whether you want to hide things quickly or sort them efficiently.

Sort Belongings with a Shoe Organizer
Designed to hold six pairs of shoes, this folding cotton-canvas and wood frame organizer can be repurposed for sorting and distributing belongings by room or family member.
The Shoe Bagger, $35, www.organizes-it.com.

Contain Collectibles in a Pie Cabinet
Are beloved collectibles beginning to clutter your tabletops? Instead of using an expensive and cumbersome curio cabinet, display treasures or delicate glassware in a diner pie cabinet. It protects valuables from touchy-feely guests and eliminates frequent dusting.
Display case by Carib, 10 by 14 by 10 inches, $130, Bowery Kitchen Supply, www.bowerykitchens.com.

Hang Boots to Save Space
Regain valuable floor space by hanging boots on a galvanized-steel rack. Chore Boot Rack, $13, www.gemplers.com.

Store Rings on Icing Tips
Instead of hiding rings away in a drawer, stack them on icing tips purchased from a bakery-supply store. Put these next to the kitchen sink -- secured with reusable plastic adhesive to keep them steady -- to safeguard rings when washing, too.
Cake icing tips, about $3 each, at houseware stores.

Keep Papers Accessible with Memo Holder David PrinceDavid Prince
Originally made for keeping track of food orders in restaurants, this sleek stainless-steel and chrome rack will ensure that mail, messages, and shopping lists are not misplaced.
Memo holder with spring clips, $46, the Museum of Useful Things, www.themut.com.

Store Pens and Pencils in a Test-Tube Holder
Don't waste time delving into a drawer full of jumbled pens and pencils. A test-tube holder makes everything easy to retrieve.
Aluminum pencil holder, $32, the Museum of Useful Things, www.themut.com.

Create Your Own Desk Organizer
Don't be limited by prefab desk organizers that don't have enough of the right-size compartments. Instead, use miniature loaf tins to design your own portable system.
Loaf pans, $1 to $3 at baking-supply stores.

Hang Gear to Save Garage Space
Gain space in the garage or attic by slipping heavy-duty wire hooks over two-by-four cross beams. Use the hooks to suspend garden tools and other gear.
Portable Utility Hooks, $3.25 each, www.gemplers.com

David PrinceDavid PrinceKeep Tools Organized and Portable
An ordinary five-gallon plastic bucket is transformed into a portable tool or garden center when it wears a heavy-duty fabric hold-all sleeve. With 38 exterior and 18 interior pockets, this apron lets you locate your most essential tools easily and carry them to job sites.
Bucket Boss Tool Organizer, $25, Gempler's, 800-332-8473, or www.amazon.com.

Untangle Garden Hose with Wall Rack If you keep tripping over the garden hose, get a wall-mounted rack to tame those unruly coils. By hanging your hose neatly, you'll also prevent kinks and holes from forming in the rubber or vinyl.
Heavy-duty steel hose rack, $24.50, www.gemplers.com.

Bag Dirty Sports Gear
Do as the pros do and deposit muddy soccer balls and sandy footballs into an equipment bag from a sports-supply catalog. This one has a full-length zipper and holds 12 volleyballs or eight basketballs. Just hose it down before storing the balls away for the next game.
Mesh duffel in purple, $19, Palos Sports, www.palossports.com.

Clean Up Outdoor Toys Quickly If your lawn is a hodgepodge of plastic toys and sports equipment, invest in industrial-style, easy-to-push trolleys and scoop everything up in one fell swoop.
Two Bushel Wheeled Hamper, $118, www.themut.com.

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