14 shocking bathroom makeovers

These bathrooms were in need of some serious updating. Check out their amazing transformations and get inspired to redo your own bathroom to suit your style.

Master bath miracle (before)
A sea of blue carpet covered the floor and the sides of the tub like overflowing water. The tub itself, a swirling design of aqua and white, resembled a bar of Zest soap.

Master bath miracle (after)
A freestanding tub is a shapely replacement for the old one. The floor is now neutral travertine. An added luxury: The contractor installed an electric heating mat under the tile.

Modern budget bathroom redo (before)

See how a homeowner took her bath from outdated to cutting edge on a tight budget.

Modern budget bath redo (after)
Check out this successful bathroom transformation! She pulled it all off and came in under her original budget.

From bedroom to bath (before)

Homeowners transformed their drab guest bedroom into the bathroom of their dreams. The renovation was easy because no walls had to be removed and only one door was closed off. After that, the space was quickly turned into a relaxing retreat.

From bedroom to bath (after)

A black pedestal tub was placed next to the window, creating an ideal spot for soaking in the sunlight. The breezy white shower curtain hanging from a rod above the tub blends in nicely with the sheer curtains on the window.

Cottage bathroom renovation (before)

These dowdy small spaces needed big help. With some creativity and hard work, they were given a much-needed makeover to restore their original cottage charm as well as up-to-date conveniences.

Cottage bathroom renovation (after)

New gleaming fixtures, sleek white subway tiles, beaded-board paneling, and decoupage map wallpaper transformed this dingy old bathroom to a light, bright room.

Vintage bath (before)
A mom-and-daughter team sought to transform this dated bath in their 1920s home.

Vintage bath (after)
The finished product has a truly vintage feel and clean lines. Pink tile and unsightly floral wallpaper were replaced with fresh blue beaded board and white paint.